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100,000 people can't be wrong... right?!

Potters Resort celebrates 100,000 Facebook fans

We have our 100,000th Facebook fan, and we are over the moon to have reached such an impressive milestone. 

That's enough people that if they laid down head-to-toe, they would stretch from the front door at Potters Resort all the way to Essex County Hall 100 miles away in Chelmsford! 

It's also more than 33 times the residential population of Hopton-on-Sea, the Norfolk village Potters is proud to have called home for nearly 100 years. 

So, if so many people have done it, what are the benefits of being a Potters Resort Facebook fan? 

Well there's regular competitions, as well as merchandise and even break giveaways through the Facebook Fan of the Month competition where social contributions, and likes and shares of posts can all add up to a free place on our annual Social Media Weekender. That's a weekend where our Facebook community come together to socialise in person.

Our biggest fans like nothing more than 'feeling like they're here even when they're not here', and Facebook allows them to stay connected with everything that's happening on Resort all year round.

For example, our Facebook fans are often the first to know about the fantastic Star Acts that head to Potters every year, like in 2017 when we kept our fans on their toes with 'March Madness'.

We made three huge entertainment announcements in the space of nine days, all exclusively on Facebook, to confirm the appearances of David Essex, the Overtones and Billy Ocean. More than 500 comments later, we knew we'd kept our fans happy. 

There's nothing like visiting us here on the Resort, but more than ever Facebook Live helps us to remind our regular guests, and even show those guests who might never have heard of Potters the kind of high quality home-grown entertainment they can expect if they visit.

In July 2016, Potters Resort broadcast its first ever Facebook Live stream, an exclusive 34-minute backstage performance that showcased the abilities of our hugely talented Potters Theatre Company and received more than 100,000 views in less than 24 hours!

Now into Clint Eastwood's classic Dirty Harry mode, you know the one, steely-eyed and expressionless, but very purposeful....

"I know what you're thinking. 'Did Potters have 23 Facebooks comps last year, or only 22?' Well, to tell you the truth, in all the excitement, we've kinda lost track. But being as Potters is the first five-star Holiday Resort in the UK, and our Facebook fans know all about us off the top of their heads, you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do they feel lucky?' Well, do they?"

Would you?

So where next for Potters and Facebook? Remember how our 100,000 fans would stretch all the way to Chelmsford? Well... we only need another 232,586,311 more Facebook fans to reach the moon, and then we REALLY would be over the moon...