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We talk #SummerOfFun with our Comedy Team

Potters Resort Comedy Team

The countdown to summer 2017 is on and we caught up with some of the most excitable people on Resort to find out what they're looking forward to most as they prepare to entertain all our lovely guests during the #SummerofFun Family Festival 2017.

What are you most looking forward to for summer 2017 at Potters?

Mark Brewer: “Seeing all our lovely Potters guests return and having fun with them, and winding some of them up! I’ll also be squeezing into my Green Goddess outfit again. It’s the only exercise that I really get! Summer is just a really happy time at Potters."

Buzby Allen: "Kicking off this Summer is A Night at the Movies: Take 2, the brilliant new show from Potters Theatre Company. The Jukebox Rogues are smashing it too and the new PTC cast are incredible. We can’t wait to get it all ready for guests and get it all started! Buzby's Basement is the chill-out room for the teens, and there’s brand new quizzes and gameshows too. Mr & Mrs Copperpipe will reveal their new ice show for the first time and word on the street is that there's a new cup for the Kurling champion. And not forgetting the new look Potters Fayre on the Green - it is going to be outrageously and massively brilliant. Yo ho ho, so see you in the Summer!”

James R Hearn: “The sun, seeing families spending Quality Time Together and bringing back all the social media characters again.”

Johnny Laff: “I can’t wait for the Summer and watching guests enjoying themselves and having a good time. That and having Friday, Saturday and Sunday off! I’m only joking… I’m not allowed to be off in Summer and it is my favourite time of the year at Potters. I remember 1986, which was my first Summer at Potters, and the guests still come up and say they remember me then. A few add in that I wasn’t funny then and I’m still not funny now!”

Richard Beare: “Seeing all the guests return. We get to see all our friends again and everyone is having fun, so it’s really special.”

Jonny Mac: "I can’t wait to see all our guests and just have lots of fun together. The new Potters Theatre Company shows will be great and there’s new activities planned. I love Potters and feel so proud to work here, and it’s given my family unbelievable memories. The team are wonderful too.”

What Potters #SummerOfFun Family Festival activity is your favourite?

Mark Brewer: “The Sweeper, as it’s great for all the family. I love how unique it is and I had a go once, but got knocked off. The lunchtime specials are wonderful too and I love just being up on stage entertaining everyone.”

Buzby Allen: “My favourite part of the summer is the T-Club... it's fantastic to see the teens again now they've got just a bit taller and all the random events and competitions that we run, from Table Tennis to Pool, and what's always massive is the big game of Football at 8pm. The teens try and beat me at Badminton and Golf... I think not... but it's getting close!”

James R Hearn: “The Summer Fayre on the Green, especially when the sun is shining, and also the Summer chill-out on the green with live music.”

Johnny Laff: “The Sweeper, but I haven’t had a go yet! I think I’d be ok though as I can skip well and not get the rope caught.”

Richard Beare: “There’s more activities for people to do and The Sweeper is brilliant. I kept going on it last year and it definitely gets you fit! I was luckily saved by the whistle last time I was having a go against some guests as I had to go and do football.”

What’s your big tip for #SummerOfFun?

Mark Brewer: “Jump in with everything on offer and have a go. Take a deep breath and get ready for non-stop fun. Try everything once.”

Buzby Allen: “I find it funny people packing for holiday, as some even pack the kitchen sink! Just bring what you need and enjoy yourself, along with a nice pair of sunglasses, and work on your tan, but use sun cream!”

James R Hearn: “Always wear a hat and sunglasses.”

Johnny Laff: “Keep the kids out of the sun and lock them in the bungalows! Have a Pimms too and relax.”

Richard Beare: “Just have fun, be kind and enjoy Quality Time Together.”

Describe the atmosphere at Potters #SummerOfFun in (almost) three words!

Mark Brewer: “Something for everyone with a family atmosphere, as Mum comes with the Nan and children. There’s quizzes, kids’ clubs, fun activities and so much more. Long fun-filled days and then watching the shows, which is the icing on the cake, as everyone is exhausted from so much fun.”

Buzby Allen: “Families in teams, couples, grandparents, kids playing sports and having fun with their parents and mates, then relaxing having a drink and a chat. It's a massive melting pot everywhere you turn, games, sports and quizzes, kids kicking a ball on the football pitch, sunbathing on the green, cooling down in the pool, eating an ice cream, having a walk on the beach and taking a dip in the sea, the smell of lunch in the dining room, the anticipation of the show and the not knowing what shocks or surprises are going to happen next. Most of all, the sounds of friendly voices and of laughter...”

James R Hearn: “Fun, laughter, community.”

Johnny Laff: “Electric, nowhere else like it.”

Richard Beare: “Fun, laughter and friends.”

Jonny Mac: “Happiness, family, friends.”

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