This talented and accomplished group of performers are one of the finest in the UK outside of London's West End.

Every year Potters Theatre Company develop new and exciting shows, which are performed live on the Atlas Theatre Stage, exclusively for your enjoyment. From concept, through to costume design, comedy writing, lighting, videography, music production, set building and choreography, the company create everything from scratch. Resulting in passionate performances that will have you on the edge of your seat every night, from start to finish! But don't take our word for it, come and experience Potters Theatre Company for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

Our team bring you the very best of song, dance and comedy; performing live in the Atlas Theatre. Here's just two of Potters Theatre Company's recent productions:

Cool Britannia

'Cool Britannia' pays tribute to some of the best British music from the swingin' sixties, right up to today. We’ve all grown up with the soundtrack of each decade and with 50 all-time classic British songs, Potters Theatre Company bring to life classic musical moments. Join us as we celebrate ‘Cool Britannia’ and its incredible jukebox of unforgettable and timeless British songs in an energetic live show, featuring an incredible band. 

A Night at the Movies

Lights, camera, action…join us as we celebrate the silver screen and the magical world of the movies in ‘A Night at the Movies’. Whether you grew up during the golden age of Hollywood and films like My Fair Lady or Singin’ in the Rain, or your love affair with cinema began with Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman, Potters Theatre Company has drawn on a century of film. From the early days of silent movies to today’s multi-million dollar blockbusters, there’s always been a soundtrack to accompany the greatest films of all time. So, what better way to bring some of these classic cinematic moments to life than live on stage in a show featuring magical movie moments, from the classic days of Hollywood musicals to modern soundtracks?