Potters Leisure Limited Gender Pay Gap Statement 2021

Potters Leisure Limited as a relevant employer with more than 250 employees is obliged by law to prepare and publish Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

The gender pay gap measures the difference in the average hourly rate of pay including bonuses paid between all the men and women in a Company. In accordance with the regulations this information is expressed as both a mean (i.e. average) and median (i.e. the middle rate when listed in numerical order).

The gender pay gap is different to “Equal Pay”, which is concerned with the legal requirement for men and women to receive the same pay for identical work. Potters Leisure Limited fully supports and implements this principle across equivalent roles throughout the business. We are committed to the principles of equal pay for all employees and will continue to regularly evaluate and measure to ensure we eliminate any gender bias in our developing pay and bonus structures taking any relevant action should any inequality be highlighted.

This report provides our gender pay gap report for the snapshot date of 5th April 2021.

It should be noted that due to the vast majority of employees being furloughed at the snap shot date, (and therefore excluded from most of the calculations), the figures do not represent a like for like comparison with previous years.

Our findings demonstrate the effect that furloughing employees has had in regards to gender pay within Potters Leisure Limited. The Furlough impact has distorted both of the Potters Leisure Ltd headline figures which have now risen above the national averages held at the Office for National Statistics. These are 14.6% for the Mean Gender Pay Gap and 15.4% for the Median Gender Pay Gap. In 2019 the Potters median statistic of 7.0% was significantly below the national average.

It should be noted that the negative gaps around bonus pay indicates that fewer male employees received bonus payments than our female employees.

As we return to normal operating conditions, we expect our statistics to return to their previous levels.

It can be seen that historically we have more female roles across the company, and comparatively high female opportunities in the upper middle quartile. Again the Furlough distortion has severely impacted both the reported 2020 and 2021 statistics. We believe we compare very favourably with many businesses for the numbers of female employees in senior positions throughout the multi-disciplinary teams across the business. Our policy is and will continue to be on developing people based on talent and ability regardless of gender.

Our findings are as follows:
Mean Gender Pay Gap25.6%14.3%
Median Gender Pay Gap44.8%38.6%
Mean Bonus Pay Gap-51.3%44.6%
Median Bonus Pay Gap-72.51%44.0%
Proportion of bonuses by Gender (Male)2.06%12.9%
Proportion of bonuses by Gender (Female)3.2%18.3%
Proportion of males and females in each quartile band:
Lower Quartile23% Male77% Female50% Male50% Female
Lower Middle Quartile31% Male69% Female44% Male56% Female
Upper Middle Quartile77% Male23% Female56% Male44% Female
Upper Quartile69% Male31% Female70% Male30% Female