Julie May talks counting tiles, floods and how she loves catching up with guests
Meet The Team

Julie May, who now works on bars, has worked at Potters for 21 years and we caught up with her to find out about some of her memories…   Do you remember your first day at Potters? Yes, my husband Dave, who died last year, was friends with Brian Potter and got me a job in housekeeping. There was…

Potters in photos - Paul Godfrey collection
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Paul Godfrey, who collects and has a passion for seaside photography, kindly gave us permission to use photos from the Paul Godfrey Collection, which were taken by photographer W H Hastings. Look at the scamps, see them dress-up, sitting outside a hut and having lots of fun!   

Barry Franklin talks working at Potters for 25 years and having 20,000 friends
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Barry Franklin has been at Potters for 25 years and we caught up with him to talk about putting David Essex on his bum at football, running out of turkey on Christmas Day and Brian Potter MBE…   Have you always worked in the restaurant? I started out as a waiter and quickly became a restaurant…

“It feels like I have been thousands of times” – Hazel Wanstall
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Hazel Wanstall first visited Potters in 1947, just after Potters re-opened following the Second World War and has been returning ever since, now with her daughter and granddaughters. We asked her to share some of her earliest memories of Potters. Over to you Hazel… “I’ve lost count of how many…

Coming soon to the Atlas Theatre stage…The Brits

London Calling! Get ready to Shout… Potters Theatre Company’s new show, The Brits, launches this spring on 19th March 2020, and the team have something very special planned with a new show celebrating glam rock, punk rock, the 60s, pop and much, much more. Read on to find out about the show and…

“Potters reminds me of the idyllic family holidays that I had as a child” - Karen Harrington and 13 of her family enjoy Potters break
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Karen Harrington visited Potters a decade ago and returned to Potters last year with 13 of her extended family. We caught up with Karen to find out about her break and why the whole weekend was “geared up fo