20 years on from her first visit, guest Gemma Miller tells us about her and her family's Potters experience
20 years on from her first visit, guest Gemma Miller tells us about her and her family's Potters experience

20 years on from her first visit, guest Gemma Miller tells us about her and her family's Potters experience


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Gemma Miller first came to Potters when she was 18, around 20 years ago, and visited us again in February with her extended family and children. 

After Gemma sent us the following letter, we contacted her to thank her and ask her a few more questions about her memories and what the family got up to on their break…

To all the staff and management at Potters,

Around 20 years ago, my mother and her best friend frequently visited Potters and brought my sister and me along on a trip. We LOVED it and vowed to return one day.

Finally we were all able to get together, six adults and seven children, to stay with you on the February Half Term Family Weekend Break. My mother, who is debilitated with MS, treated my sister and my family to this weekend away as we all live so far apart from each other and don’t often get the opportunity to spend quality time together, and she knew she would be able to watch her family having fun around her, although she couldn’t join in.

Unfortunately my mother suffered a fall during the first evening and your two wonderful security guards were knights in shining armour, and assisted my mum up into a comfortable position. Such is my mum’s MS that anything that may force her to use any degree of effort causes fatigue across her whole body and any small muscle strength she may have is taken away from her until her body has had the opportunity to recover. This fall took a lot out of her and the following day she became incapacitated again, but my sister and I were able to help her to a certain degree. However, she actually required medical assistance and the situation absolutely made your security staff shine through. The gentlemen were exactly that… GENTLEMEN! They were kind, very helpful, respectful and considerate to my mum’s needs and dignity. They went above and beyond their duty to assist the situation we found ourselves in and for this we will be forever grateful.

Further to this, I asked assistance from the reception staff to show ambulance and district nurses through to my mum’s hotel room, which of course they obliged with. But what we were most impressed about was the discreet, but caring enquiry to my mum’s health the following morning. There are a lot of people staying in the hotel and for the member of staff to recognise me and make a genuine enquiry regarding my mum, made us feel that we had not been an inconvenience and that Potters were genuinely concerned about the welfare of their guests. Little things/gestures go a long way.

And there is more…every single member of staff we came in to contact with, away from our drama, were happy, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, helpful, engaged and a real pleasure. This was from the welcome at reception, every activity, the pool area, the restaurant, the shop and I am sure I have missed many people. I remember conversations I have had on the phone during booking and the reservations team were also an absolute delight.

Lastly the food and entertainment was delicious and fabulous.

We didn’t get the chance to take many pictures, but I thought you may like one of the few we managed to take. You can see the positive attitude of the staff and the smile on our kids’ faces in the picture, and this kind of sums up the whole of Potters!

In a nutshell, your staff are amazing.





Gemma thank you so much for taking the time to write to us about your recent break. What do you remember about your break 20 years ago?

I was 18 when I first visited Potters and we didn’t recognise it at all on our return, as it looks so different thanks to all the reinvestment in the Resort. As teenagers I remember that we had so much fun and laughed so much and what hasn’t changed about Potters is the atmosphere, sense of fun and brilliant team that you have. It was lovely to bring my own children here and you can see what a great time they had from the picture. 

What activities did you do when you were with us in February?

The whole family just had the best time and there were 13 of us in total, including seven children. The kids all absolutely loved it and squeezed in everything that they could, doing everything from the Giant’s Swing to Air Rifle Shooting, Segways, badminton, swimming and bowling. I went on the Giant’s Swing too and it was just brilliant! We saw the evening Potters Theatre Company shows too, which were all so entertaining, especially the Never Forget show. The comedy team always had a laugh with the kids too, which the kids loved.

We were sorry to hear about your mum’s fall. How is she doing and do you get to spend much time with all your extended family normally?

My sister lives in Devon, so it’s hard to get everyone together, and my mum has MS, which makes things quite difficult. Mum is ok, but isn’t getting any better, and being at Potters was just a lovely way to spend time together as a family. I think my mum really enjoyed seeing how much fun the kids were having joining in with all the activities on offer, and getting together for family meals and to watch the entertainment. There really is something for everyone at Potters. 

Are you going to leave it 20 years before you come back again?

No way! We have every intention to come back soon as it is such a special place. As well as everything on offer, what makes Potters really special is the people. There’s not one person who lets the Potters name down who we met. It really is a very special place and we cannot thank you all enough for looking after us all so well.

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