“Potters is the place the whole family choose to come to” - Alison shares her Potters memories

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As part of our 100 year call-out, guest Alison Braun got in touch to tell us about 50 years of Potters memories. Discover what she has to say about a ‘Potters ball’ and ‘The Four Seasons’ outfit…


What are some of your earliest memories of Potters?

My parents, my great aunts and my uncle used to come so I was introduced as a baby and my great aunt Lucy used to come back every year. My first visit was around 50 years ago and I remember the open air swimming pool with a fountain. Also the donkey derby on the green, sandcastle competitions, hook a duck in the children’s pool, bonny baby competitions and talent shows.

Who do you come to Potters with?

I usually come with the family – my husband, dad, sister, niece and nephew. Potters is the place the whole family choose to come to. We usually come for big birthdays and this year it was for my niece’s 21st and my nephew’s 18th. My Dad loves to come to Potters and goes to the Big Band breaks, and we did come for a Christmas break with friends last year.

How have things changed since you first started coming to Potters?

There used to be all chalets and no hotel. There was no theatre, just a ballroom. The restaurant used to be on one level and now this has been rebuilt, modernised and another floor added on. The pool used to be open air and now it is indoors. There are now countless amounts of organised activities and things to do.  

Alison with her dad at Potters on one of her first visits
Alison with her dad at Potters on one of her first visits

What do you love about Potters?

That there is always so much to do and something for people of all ages. We have been as a family where the youngest person was nine and the eldest was 70 and there was something for everyone to do. It’s great that there is so much included in the price and it is great value for money when you break it down… five-star accommodation, four meals a day (if you can manage it), activities, West End class theatre productions. It’s great that there are so many breaks specifically designed for different types of groups with Family Breaks, Weekend Breaks, Midweek Breaks and One Night Breaks.

Have you got any special Potters memories from over the years?

In the ballroom there was a glitter ball and this has been forever known in our family as a “Potters Ball” whenever we see one elsewhere! I remember the fancy dress competitions and my aunts making an outfit out of crepe paper called “The Four Seasons”. It was four different colours representing each season and I remember that the winter part was white with cotton wool balls on!

We came to Potters about four years ago and I passed on some copies of some old photos to Judy Potter, some of which she was in. She was kind enough to come and see us in the dining room and had a chat with us, and she remembered my great aunt Lucy, which was lovely.

How would you describe Potters in a few words?

Great fun for all the family.

What activities do you do while you are with us?

As a family we get involved in most activities, and we enjoy a walk down to the beach. Sometimes it’s difficult to fit everything in as there is so much going on.

What do you think about the food and entertainment at Potters?

There is always plenty of choice of food and it seems we do nothing but eat!

Potters Theatre Company’s Legends show was the best show I have ever seen at Potters.  This was followed by the boy bands tribute where some of the cast from the main show were performing. Everyone works so hard on the shows and it shows in such professional productions. Also Mark Brewer and his team are fantastic and never fail to make us laugh!


Thanks so much to Alison for sharing her memories with us and do remember to email 100.Years@pottersholidays.com to share yours.