Meet Andrew Borthwick from Potters Theatre Company

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Andrew Borthwick is a singer and dancer in Potters Theatre Company and is wowing guests in Battle of the Boy Bands and other shows. We caught up with him to find out ice buckets, playing tricks on the comedy team and being very hungry after a show! Read on…


What have been some of your career highlights so far?

I have performed in the West End, in London, danced on The X Factor and I love football, so I would say dancing at an FA Cup Final at Wembley.

What would people be surprised to know goes on backstage?

I can be wearing costumes for three different songs at once, so there is lots of layers going on. We also have ice buckets with flannels backstage as it is so hot, especially with all the lights and during the summer months.

What do you love best about working at Potters?

It is the quality of the shows as they are such high quality and being paid to do something I love. Potters is a great place to learn and I have made many friends here. The team are so talented and the costumes are spectacular – I think the costumes are a massive part of Around the World in 80 Minutes.

I found out I had got this on the day I found out I hadn’t got Bat Out of Hell in the West End, so it was lovely when I got the call at the end of the day.

Opening night is always amazing and seeing how the audience reacts and just feeding off them.

What was day one like when you started?

I have been at Potters for around a year and we had two weeks in London rehearsing before starting. The stage was a lot bigger than I expected and it is lovely to be by the sea. I remember we all had pizza in one of the girl’s rooms on the first day as we all got to know each other, but I’ve made friends for life.

What is your favourite show?

Broadway & Beyond and I love dressing-up as a cat and performing a song with Sion. I love musicals too. Halloween is amazing at Potters and the glitter comes out for that as we all do our own make-up!

What do you do when you’re not working?

Saturday daytimes are blocked out for football as I love it and I also go to the gym. After this I am going to become a personal trainer. I love playing the piano too and have one in my room! Being on stage is like a cardio workout every night as we have no break.

Have you got any tips for anyone who wants to become a performer?

Be ready for it and work hard. You will need to put in so much work, but Potters is the best place to learn and is just the highest standard. You get back what you put in.

What goes wrong?

We can sometimes hit each other accidently on stage! People think that the comedy team play tricks on us but we play tricks on them too. I always have a laugh with Darren and I carry him off in different ways each night on stage – it was a piggyback the other day! Buzby is a nightmare, but in a good way, and Mark Brewer and Jonny I chat with about the football. Jonny Mac I have a lot of time for.

When did you first want to be on stage?

I was a bit of an awkward child but always loved football. My parents signed me up for a stage school when I was seven and I loved it and made so many friends. My mum and dad have been so supportive and helped me so much along the way. They will come here over Christmas and New Year to see me.

What do you do after the show?

On cheat day I will order a massive pizza as you just need fuel and I am always starving by the end of the night. I eat six meals a day and need lots of food. Sometimes Fraser and I will take a walk after the show down by the beach after midnight!