Bars Team Recognition Day - Meet Pete Goddard

Bars Team Recognition Day - Meet Pete Goddard

Meet The Team

Potters' Bars Team Recognition Day is all about celebrating the excellence and dedication of every member of the Resort's Bars Team, so we caught up with one of our bar managers Pete Goddard to find out about him, his role, his favourite drink and top tips for bartenders…

Can you tell us about your role?

I’ve been at Potters for 10 years now and have always worked on the bars. I came in to the business as bar manager and now work alongside a really good team of people. We have around 30 in the team, along with five managers. I occasionally serve behind the bar when needed, but am mainly behind the scenes ordering or dealing with any issues that arise. 

What’s your favourite drink?

I don’t drink too much, but do like the odd glass of Chianti. 

What was life like before Potters?

I was facilities manager for many years and also owned a pub in Swindon, as I am originally from Gloucestershire. I have worked in hospitality for a long time, including at Whitbread and Hilton International.

What is it that you enjoy best about working at Potters?

I love interacting with people and just finding out about them. Every day is varied and there’s just something different happening every day. It’s really the people that makes Potters. 

What does it take to work on the bars team at Potters?

You need personality and an ability to interact with guests. It’s mainly about having the right persona, smiling and being friendly. If you can’t talk to people then it’s not the right job for you. 

What do you do when you’re not working?

I do spend a lot of time working at Potters, but when I’m not here I really like to relax and exercise. 

What is your most memorable moments working at Potters?

I think it’s just the atmosphere generally and seeing guests having a good time. There is such an energy about our drinks inclusive breaks and it is lovely in the Summer being on the Family Green. 

What are the most popular drinks with our guests?

Lagers and spirits, especially vodka. Our wine list is very good too, and we obviously make a lot of coffee and teas! We make cocktails too, which are very popular in the Summer, along with a cooling glass of Pimms and Lemonade. 

Here’s our bar and drinks 'did you know' trivia

- Bourbon is the official drink of the US

- The word 'brandy' comes from the Dutch word brandewijn, which means burnt wine

- A bottle of Champagne contains approximately 49 million bubbles

- In order to make a bottle of wine, you will need to have approximately 600 grapes on hand

- So-called hangover cures date back almost as far as alcohol itself. Ancient Romans believed that eating a fried canary would take care of their hangover symptoms, and the ancient Greeks were believers in the power of cabbage. Although these 'cures' probably sound silly, keep in mind that many people today are still trying to find the perfect cure for a hangover. For example, in France they put salt into a strong cup of coffee, and in Puerto Rico some drinkers actually lift their drinking arm and rub half a lemon under it.

- Winston Churchill’s mother was the inventor of the Manhattan cocktail. It is made with whiskey and sweet vermouth.

- Vikings enjoyed alcohol, but they did not drink it from a mug, a bottle or any other traditional method. Instead, they preferred to toast to their victories by drinking their favorite alcoholic beverages from the skulls of their defeated enemies

- The production of alcohol has been traced back at least 12,000 years

- The word 'toast' to mean wishing good health, originated in ancient Rome. A piece of toasted bread was dropped into wine back then.

- Most people think that drinking alcohol raises the body temperature, but alcohol actually lowers the body temperature

- Beer started to be sold in bottles in 1850, and cans in 1935