Buz turns 60 – guests share their memories and birthday wishes

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Buz turns 60 on 15th July and we asked some of our lovely guests to send him some birthday wishes…


Lynne Ainge - “Since the death of my husband and Father, Buz has been there for me with his humour, hugs, crazy outfits and numerous alter egos. I am never bored when Buz is around and he really goes the extra mile to make sure people enjoy themselves. He clearly lives and breathes Potters and when I think of Buz I smile. Thank you Potters and especially Buzby, for giving me my smile back so it reaches my eyes again and keeping me dancing until dawn! I will always remember when Buz and I did the firewalk for the Big C together when he was dressed as Buzman! Have a fabulous birthday Buzby and I am so glad to be part of your life story.”


Stuart Pink – “My fondest memory of my pal Buzz was when he revealed his secret hobby - photographing quirky number plates. I remember he was particularly excited by a recent capture of the plate LOON3Y and told how he’d slyly been snapping away at this car in broad daylight looking “proper dodgy”. He thought he’d got away with it until my father-in-law, who was with us, revealed to Buzz that it was his car. Happy 60th Buzz!”


Natasha Patient - “I have never met anyone quite like Buzby and he is one of his kind and the most sincere person. He goes above and beyond to make your stay a memorable one, full of laughs and great memories. He has brought out the football skills in my daughter and given her confidence. What a star and credit to have such a great person amongst the Potters staff - he is a legend. Happy Birthday!”


Robert Eves – “For the man I still remember being fired out of a cannon and sometimes messing up in the shows, thanks for making everything so personal and making everyone happy, and going the extra mile. My mission is to beat you at golf this Summer! Happy Birthday and I hope you are still at Potters for another 30 years or more!”


Paul Brooks – "Having been coming to Potters for over 33 years, it was as a teenager that me and my twin brother Glen (Twinos), got introduced to Buzby. Since that day, our friendship has grown, and one particular story I would like to share involved a holiday on a cruise ship. We had only been on the ship for a few hours when Buzby, brother Glen and myself came across a lady on-board that was selling a teeth whitening product! Both Glen and myself continued walking past, but somehow Buzby got drawn into the idea that he needed his teeth whitened! Did the product work? Not really, but we had a laugh about the situation he got himself into! Happy Birthday to an incredible entertainer and a guy with a huge heart and stacks of personality.”


Glen Brooks – “Happy birthday to an amazing man who just wants to make people smile. One of my favourite memories of Buz is when we had stopped off in the South France on a cruise and decided to walk an hour across town to the botanical gardens. When we reached the gardens we found a very posh loo where Buzby wanted to go. Five minutes later the door opened and there was Buzby dressed in a red morph outfit - he didn’t say one word and just started walking back to the ship, an hour away, back across town and along the busy road with everyone beeping and waving! The funniest moment was when we were queuing to get back on the ship and a lady tapped Buzby on his shoulder from behind to point out the odd shoes he was wearing - forget the red outfit he was wearing too!”  


Roy – “Dear Buzby, Thank you for the laughter and making all of our special times even more memorable! Hope someone covers you in red paint, beer or shaving foam. Wishing you a very happy Birthday, Love and best wishes, Roy and the whole family.”


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