Buz turns 60 – the team share their memories

Meet The Team

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Buz turns 60 on 15th July and is a man who everyone has got a story about!

We caught up with a few members of the team to find out some of their favourite Buz memories. We think Rachel sums up Buz brilliantly! Read on to find out how outrageous he really is…


Rachel Baade, entertainments manager - “Buz will do anything for anyone and some of my favourite Buz memories include when I started Potters when I was 19 and went to a session of volleyball. I asked Buz where it was going to be and he said on the beach, and I didn’t think anything of it. After waiting on the beach for 30 minutes on a rainy day, I walked back to the main building and found them playing in the small sports hall, which is where it has always been!

“I also bumped into him once in Yarmouth and he got down on one knee and started screaming in front of everyone, will you marry me! There’s also memories of him holding on to the balcony after being fired out of the cannon, telling guests that I do airport transfers, putting sprouts all over the Resort, even in the tills, and turning up in a Hawaiian shirt, bright red trousers and a hat when I asked him to look inconspicuous.

“Also last Christmas I cooked him a low key Christmas Day meal after we had been at work that day, and I did a beef stew and Yorkshires and veg, and he said wow and how good it was. On Boxing Day lots of guests came up to me and said that Buz enjoyed the soup you cooked him, but was expecting something more. I could have killed him, but it was very funny! I have so many memories of you Buz and I am sure there will be lots more to come…Happy Birthday.”


Laura Hodges, Potters Theatre Company manager – “Apart from being amazing with the guests and giving his whole life to Potters, this is my day to day life with Buz... He messes up our dressing room, steals the team’s food and chocolates, moves costumes, hides Richard and Mark’s costumes and then denies everything. Thanks Buz and Happy Birthday.”


Claire Randall, day entertainments manager – “I particularly like the story when he was arrested. He was working on a treasure hunt in Yarmouth and everything that he took a picture of unknowingly had a cash point next to it, and he was arrested for acting suspicious. Also Buz always says: ‘I must remind you that all rules do apply’ for any activity that he comperes, and he always makes new people dress in fancy dress when they don’t need to! Happy Birthday Buz.”


Chris Dormer, comedy team manager – “Buz enjoys filling his work colleague’s shoes with water and pours Marks tea away when he is not looking (or other unimaginable things in Mark’s tea that we don't yet know about).”


Michelle Batt, singer– “Buz used to steal one of our shoes and all the missing shoes were discovered at his home. Someone also once thought we were trying to steal his car when we thought we were getting into a Potters employee car!”


Aaron Bolton, singer – “Buzby used to look after me when I was five years old when my mother took me to Potters when she used to go to Palms. He was known to me as the funny man with the shoes until I was about 10! Happy Birthday funny man!”