Catering for dietary requirements
Catering for dietary requirements

Catering for dietary requirements

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Potters has approximately 100,000 guests staying every year, serving 750,000 meals. With an estimated 20% of people in the UK having a food sensitivity, we caught up with Adam Manthorpe, Potters senior sous chef, to find out about what we do at Potters to cater for guests with dietary requirements on our range of UK short breaks...

Adam, can you tell us what dietary requirements we cater for? 

We can cater for almost any dietary requirement. We always have separate vegetarian options on our menu and cater for pescatarians, gluten intolerances, nut allergies, low salt diets and work with those with hormonal imbalances. We cover a range of allergies, such as tomato, garlic, eggs and mushrooms. We recently had a group in who were vegan and could only eat produce grown above the ground. We work hard to offer delicious choices and ensure that every guest feels special. 

What should guests do if they have a dietary requirement?

They should let the reservations team know when booking and then come and speak to one of the chefs on the afternoon they arrive, so that we can discuss and plan their meal requirements for the duration of their break. We probably have around 25 people on an average break who we personally meet to go through their requirements. We always have a salad bar available at lunchtimes, plus a carvery at dinner, in addition to our menu. I have worked at Potters for 21 years, so often see regular guests and get to know what they like.

What do we do to cater for children?

We always have a children’s menu available on our family breaks, and they can have smaller portions of any meals from the main menu. We will also serve children meals earlier if requested for dinner, rather than them waiting till 6.30pm, plus we can also liquidise food for babies. We also have highchairs available on request too.

Why do we cater for those with dietary requirements so well?

It’s part of our five star service to make sure that we look after our guests and give them great meals every day, so that they can focus on spending quality time together. Some of our kitchen team have dietary requirements too, so understand what it is like, and we want all our guests eating together to feel included and help remove the stigma and any difficulty with eating out. Our kitchen team has been trained and completed a level 2 food allergies course so that we can work with guests on meal choices and create specific food for them, if needed. We can make most things and will go out and get something specific from the shops if we need to. Before every sitting the waiting team also have a briefing, so that everyone is aware of any specific requirements. We advise guests just to advise us if they have any requirements as we are all here to help and make their break special. 

Remember to tell our team if you have any dietary requirements or special requests, so that our hard-working kitchen team can cater for you.