Meet Potters Theatre Company vocalist, Chloe Hunt

Meet The Team

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Chloe Hunt from Potters Theatre Company has the most incredible voice and her performance in Broadway & Beyond is stunning – the notes she can hit! Chloe is such a popular member of the team, so we caught up with her for a chat to discover if she performs those high notes live, how long it takes her to get ready before a show and tricks the comedy team have played on the cast...


How much do you love being part of Potters Theatre Company?

It is amazing and such a great place to work. I love the team and we are all a big family. I just want to always be on stage doing what I love and if I am doing that then I am happy.

How does it feel to be on stage every night?

Just incredible and I feel like a super star on stage! I just love being in the shows and remember seeing them for the first time and being blown away, and I know that is how guests feel when they see our shows. I have definitely got more confident over time and am not as nervous now as I used to be, although there’s a bit more pressure when my family are watching!

Your vocals in Broadway & Beyond are insane! Are all of them live?

Yes I do all of them live – including those high notes! I love learning new things and having a new challenge, and it takes about six weeks of rehearsals before we go live with a new show. The costumes are just amazing too and really help you to get in character. I love that challenge too of becoming the character you are playing.

What has been your favourite Potters Theatre Company show so far?

Honestly I’d say Broadway & Beyond. It is the best show and the finale is amazing! We are so lucky to work with some of the best choreographers in the business, like Richard Peakman. Leanne Mitchell is also just so lovely and talented, and I know I can always go to her for advice on my vocals.

How did you first get involved with Potters Theatre Company?

I studied Musical Theatre at Norwich City College and Laura Hodges, now the Potters Theatre Company manager, taught me. Nicky Hathway came to see one of our shows and I was then invited to Potters to audition and have been here ever since!

What music do you like?

I love a whole variety of music, especially pop. Ariana Grande is a favourite but I also love local bands. I’ve seen a few musicals and Wicked is definitely a favourite.

Have the comedy team ever played any tricks on you?

Of course! There’s definitely been a few stink bombs upstairs in the dressing rooms!

How long does hair and make-up take?

About an hour. We also have a physical and vocal warm up.

When did you first start singing?

When I was about 14 I sung in my bedroom for fun. My mum has always been so supportive and encouraged me. At high school I was part of an amateur dramatics company and performed some shows in Dereham.  

Do you play any instruments?

I used to play guitar and piano, but not so much now.

What do you do when you’re not performing?

Being by the beach or the swimming pool and going for walks. Potters is like my home now and my family are at Dereham, so it doesn’t take long to see them, which is lovely.