Come fly with Potters Theatre Company in Around the World in 80 Minutes

Come fly with Potters Theatre Company in Around the World in 80 Minutes


It’s time to take your seat in the Atlas Theatre and set sail with Potters Theatre Company in Around the\n World in 80 Minutes

Without leaving the comfort of your seat, get ready to travel from the\n Latin heat of South America, through to the colourful spice of Bollywood, visiting\n the Italian opera and drop in on French can-can dancers along the way!

\n Celebrating the best in music, dance and laughter, get ready to visit the Copacabana, Route 66, enjoy\n some Viva Las Vegas and Arabian Nights, plus head to Barcelona and\n celebrate the Circle of Life.

See our incredible dancers move their hips to the Samba de\n Janeiro, do the Austrian Waltz, the El Tango de Roxanne,\n and laugh along to the comedy team taking on the Egyptian sand dance – something not to be missed!

This is one\n of our biggest shows to date as we travel the world in 80 minutes and see the colours of each country we visit\n brought to life through song, dance and costumes.

Of course, we’ll also be celebrating the United Kingdom,\n with the Riverdance, a cockney medley and a big belter in We’ll Meet\n Again, and celebrate What A Wonderful World it is. Expect hits from\n artists like Elvis, The Four Tops, Sting and many more along the way. 

Plus the comedy team are involved\n more than ever before, as they attempt to do some Bavarian dancing and even join in with Potters Theatre Company\n performing the very fast-paced Riverdance!

Click below to enjoy a small taster of the new show - Around the\n World in 80 Minutes







To tell you more about the show, we caught up with some of the team…


Nicky Hathway, show producer\n

Nicky Hathway

"This is a massive show for\n us and something we have wanted to do for a long time. We often focus on movies and musicals, so this one is really\n unique as we transport you to America, South America, the Far East and Asia, and across Europe. It’s something we\n have never done before and certainly not to this scale, so everyone involved is incredibly excited."

"There\n are so many 'wow' moments, and it feels like lots of finale-quality performances, but one of my favourite moments is\n the Circle of Life. A massive thanks to Leanne Mitchell for doing the vocal arrangements for the\n show, and to Richard Peakman and Lucy-Jane Dungate, who specialises in Latin and Ballroom dance, for their\n incredible choreography."

"This is one of the hardest shows we’ve tasked our cast with for the choreography as\n there’s lots of different styles and it is fast-paced, meaning we have had a few injuries along the way! I’ve also\n been working on the LED screens doing all the visuals, which really set the scene and make the audience feel like\n they are far away in far off shores."

"We’ve also got a light-up staircase as the main feature on the stage\n and we normally only feature this in the Christmas Spectacular. And the costumes are just incredible! We’ve made\n many of them, but also brought some specifically, such as the Elvis one, costumes for the Waltz and a wedding dress\n for Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, which looks stunning. We hope our guests love the show.”


Chris\n Dormer, comedy team manager

Chris Dormer

“This show has gone so well, but is really pushing\n the comedy team as we feature in this show a lot, and it's a production with incredibly fast choreography and quick\n changes. It's pretty impressive considering that Mark [Brewer], Johnny [Laff] and Jonny [Mac] are in their 60s, and\n Buz is turning 60 next year!"

"Our comedy team even feature as Barry Manilow’s Lola from 30 years ago, and we\n do a German Bavarian slapping routine! Richard [Beare] pulled a muscle in rehearsals, showing how fast paced it is!\n And we are part of an 'Allo Allo' sketch too. We all just have so much fun together."

"It’s great being part\n of the theatre shows and adding the humour to these incredibly professional productions."


Sion\n Hathway, male vocal captain

Sion Hathway

"The vocals sound incredible and\n I know that everyone watching it will love this show, as it is full of variety."

"Some of the big numbers I\n sing are Arabian Nights, which is great as I’ve performed so many songs over the years, but never this one.\n And, thanks to Martin, our head of wardrobe, I'm wearing a quite revealing outfit as I am the genie! I told him I’m\n nearly 50!"

"Copacabana with the comedy team is great fun, and I’m involved in the cockney\n medley, and sing Nessun Dorma. Leanne has done an incredible job at arranging the vocals.”


Around the World in 80 Minutes will be the entertainment\n centrepiece of Potters' 2018 #SummerOfFun Family Festival. It's scheduled to play on summer breaks from 21st July\n 2018, and on selected breaks throughout the rest of the year. 

This must-see new show is set to be the star of our brilliant value Summer Breaks
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