Meet Craig Joseph from Potters Theatre Company

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Craig Joseph is a singer and dancer in Potters Theatre Company and here he tells us about dealing with mic packs and wires during costume changes, returning to the Company and learning to be a smart performer…


Can you tell us something interesting about Potters Theatre Company that we might not know?

Well the singers have a mic pack and in-ear pack boxes on our backs, as well as four wires, which we have to navigate during costume changes and hide. It is a bit of a challenge when we have such fast changes. We also have so many costumes and props, and I think in one of the shows the most one performer has is 36 costumes!  

You have returned to Potters Theatre Company after a few years. What is it like to be back?

It is amazing – I absolutely love it. I was here for two years then had a gap and then started again a few months ago and it is just brilliant. What a place to perform every night! The Atlas Theatre is so professional and the investment that has been made in terms of lighting, sound and tech, like the LED screen, is staggering! The shows produced are unparalled and really are on a par with the West End.

The only downside is being away from home, but I am one of the lucky ones as I am from Essex, so I will often drive home after a show. Some of the cast come from a lot further away.

You seem to have so much fun in Battle of the Boy Bands. Does it feel like you are a boy band?

Yes I love it and it is right up my street as it has a lot of cheese in it and some great songs from some of the biggest boy bands. It is just so much fun to perform and I would say it is better than Dukes! It is just so full of energy and will make everyone feel good. I love 90s cheese music, so it is just perfect for me!

How important is it to talk to the guests after the show?

Oh we love it and guests are so lovely to us. The generous Steel family even got me a scarf with my name on the first time I left, which I still have. It is lovely to feel like you are part of their holiday.

Every audience is so different and that is great as it keeps us on our toes! It is part of what makes a theatre environment so special in terms of hearing different reactions.

Do you ever forget the lyrics?

Very rarely one of us will have a mind block - it does happen! I’ll just try and make it up and no-one really knows, except the rest of the cast! I do lifts with the girls too and they require a lot of practice to perfect. The girls all put their trust in us boys and we concentrate a lot to make sure they go smoothly. I started off as a dancer but decided to pick up singing too and just enjoy the variety of it all. You have to learn to be a smart performer to learn how to deal with things that go wrong or are out of your control.

You are getting married next year – many congratulations!

Thank you. I am really excited and February 2020 will be my last performance when this contact ends. I am getting married and am going to stay in Essex, and just get an office job, while doing a few small gigs on the side, but nothing like the scale of Potters.