“Many happy holidays spent at Potters over the years” – Crystal Atkins talks sports day, dancing, ‘Miss Potter’ competition and more

Over To You

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To mark our 100 year celebrations, Crystal Atkins recently got in touch to share her memories of Potters. Over to you Crystal…

I am the second eldest daughter in the Spelman family and our first visit to Potters was in 1957. I was 14 when I first visited and we lived in London. We were a family of five at that time and usually visited Potters twice a year, our Uncle sometimes visited too.

We stayed in the self-catering bungalow, owned by Potters, down the road and joined in all the activities, entertainment and facilities at Potters. What great holidays we had and so many happy memories! We were often on the beach in the day and we had so much fun, and I remember many people got chucked in the swimming pool! Everyone was up for a laugh and men would dress up in the women’s nightwear and women would wear the men’s pyjamas. There was lots of things like that going on all the time and many fancy dress competitions.

Crystal and her family at Potters (Crystal on the left)
Crystal (far left) with her family at Potters

I remember sports day, swimming, walking down the road to take part in a wildflower competition, including spending ages hunting for a four-leaf clover and we would be there for hours, dancing in the evening, holding hands to sing 'goodnight campers', a Miss Potter competition and much more. My dad loved to dance and so we did lots of dancing to the band – we would always be on the dance floor and in the disco. My dad took part in several knobbly knees competitions.

At the swimming pool at Potters
At the swimming pool at Potters

When the trains were running, people would come and collect our luggage on carts and we would march up the street to Potters. Going home, there would be a procession to the train station and we would all walk down the road singing and being upset we were leaving our friends.

On Hopton beach
On Hopton beach at Potters

Mum and Dad, Ron and Doris, continued to spend their holidays with you, usually twice a year, until Dad passed away in 1997. Mum then continued to visit with my sister, Cynthia, and her husband Mike Robertson until she was too frail to travel. My older sister, Pauline, met her husband John at Potters and they still visit. Potters has just been a special place for the family. I have so many happy memories of Potters and it would be the highlight of our year visiting.

Congratulations to you all at Potters. I have had many happy holidays spent with you over the years and long may it continue.