A Day in the Life: Buzby Allen
A Day in the Life: Buzby Allen

A Day in the Life: Buzby Allen

Meet The Team

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With his love of yellow, endless enthusiasm, easy empathy with guests and playful characters he creates, Buzby Allen really is one of a kind. 

Whether presenting a youngster with a medal for scoring a goal at Olympic Football, making cardboard props, playing a ‘passport control’ officer or getting everyone dancing at our late night disco, Potters wouldn’t be the same without him.The Potters Theatre Company comedy team member gives us an insight into his life at Potters…

My Potters Resort history

I started Potters many years ago (there are rumours that it is 27 years ago but that would be telling!) and I start each day as if it is my first. Every day is different and I want every guest to have fun on their short break. You see families growing up as they come so often and it’s teamwork that makes Potters tick. 

My average day

I wake up at around 7:30am and normally skip breakfast. Once I’m up I want to get on and there’s always lots to do. I have to be ready to meet and greet our guests, and I love just chatting to guests and making them laugh. 

There’s comedy team, entertainment and activity meetings in the mornings and I run our kurling activity, plus sometimes help with badminton, table tennis and short volleyball.

Lunch normally consists of a salad, as I’m trying to be healthy, served with a big plate of chips! 

In the afternoon there’s normally a quiz in the Terrace Bar and even then I’m mischievous! A favourite question is asking: Which member of the Royal Family was pregnant at Christmas in 2010? 

The answer… Denise from The Royal Family TV show!

I also spend days dressing-up as various characters just for guest enjoyment and for Facebook. James and I have great fun doing this. We’ve created so many characters over the years but my favourite is Dagenham Dave and Passport Control. The naughty elves can get out of control!  

One of my favourite things on family breaks is five-a-side football kids’ club and I love seeing the confidence of children grow as they score goals, make friends and work as a team. They love getting medals and the catchphrase is “don’t forget to kick the ball!”

Dinner is a big bowl of chips and then onto prop making and later being DJ with late night dancing in the Gallery Lounge. My job is to get everyone on their feet to dance for four hours. As well as choosing the right music, it’s also about picking up on what the crowd likes.

My favourite songs are ‘Uptown Funk’ and Clean Bandit’s ‘Rather Be’, and the ‘Banana Shuffle’ of course. 

I did bingo once but I got all the numbers wrong so they wouldn’t let me do it again!

Most memorable experience

Winning the VisitEngland 2014 Tourism Superstar award was pretty amazing as it was a national award and I felt like I was just doing my job. Also just the fun and madness at Potters, with things like being fired from a cannon and generally taking part in things which are truly bizarre and unreal to help people escape from their everyday lives when they are on holiday. 

What I’m working on now

I’m busy working on lots of quizzes and new ideas for next year so we can make it even better than this year, if that’s even possible! I’m going to work hard and am prepared to fall off many times! Plus, of course, I’m busy making horses, pianos, spray-painting hats for the shows and lots more!