A day in the life of the day entertainments team…meet Chloe
A day in the life of the day entertainments team…meet Chloe

A day in the life of the day entertainments team…meet Chloe

Meet The Team

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Chloe Jermany is part of our friendly day entertainments team, and has been at Potters for three and a half years. You’ll spot her teaching crafts to little ones, getting competitive to take on guests at a sport and hosting a quiz.

Ahead of our Easter, bank holiday and Summer family breaks, we caught up with Chloe for a chat to find out what a normal day is like as part of the entertainments team…

Can you tell us what you do at Potters?

I help run the Kids’ Clubs, dance classes, quizzes, and the Playdium and Hobbyhouse activities, like napkin folding. I work closely with Rachel, Claire and Darren, and we come up with ideas for making everyone’s breaks lots of fun and putting a smile on their face. It’s always a great achievement to teach people something new.

Kids’ Clubs are full on during a family break with lots on offer. What’s it like from your side?

So much time is spent researching and trialling ideas, then writing it up for the rest of the team so that everyone knows about each session, then actually doing the session and making it lots of fun for those involved. All the crafts are really good and it is amazing seeing what the kids create. Kids’ Clubs are tailored with age-appropriate activities

As a team we all have a lot of banter and get on really well, and it’s lovely when we see the seasonal workers come back to support us. We encourage kids to make friends in the sessions and interact, and children under eight have to bring a guardian with them.

What is your favourite activity?

Bugs, birds and bees is really cute and seeing the finger puppets created. At Champions Hour we take on the guests, and I love volleyball and also grab football.

Ever fancied a stint on Blue Peter?

I’ve always been creative and into crafts, and I do remember watching Blue Peter and Art Attack when I was younger and attempting to make some of the crafts. 

What is a typical day like for you on family breaks?

On a family break I normally get in at 9.30am then do crafts all morning or Kids’ Club sessions. I’m always in Champions Hour, so I’ll do that and then go on to the assault course or lunchtime special. Then it’s time for beat the entertainer where staff take on guests at a silly challenge like eating the most sausage rolls. We’ll set up and run the Street Fayre in the afternoon and do a quiz or some hoy bingo. Every day is completely different.

What about midweek breaks?

I love interacting with everyone, including kids, families and our more mature guests. Outside Potters I am part of a vintage trio called The Knightingales so I’ll talk to our midweek guests about 1940s music, and I go to 40s themed dances too. Midweek breaks are spent doing quizzes, bingo and activities. Quizzes isn’t just asking questions, but presenting it in an entertaining way.

Have The Knightingales performed at Potters?

Yes a few times, and last year we opened for Brian Conley and Joe Longthorne. It’s the second year we’ve been together as a band and my favourite song to perform is A Nightingale Sand in Berkeley Square, plus the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. We do vintage takes on modern songs too.

What else do you do when you’re not working?

As well as The Knightingales, I see my niece a lot and we just got a Cockapoo puppy, so she’s keeping us busy.

What have you got new that’s coming up on our family breaks?

At Easter we’re doing the Sunday Easter Egg Hunt around the whole Resort, rather than just outside. We also have some new games for our Street Fayre and we’ll be bringing in some new Kids’ Club sessions for the Summer.

What do you love about your job?

The variety I love and also the guests themselves. I keep in touch with two of our families throughout the year and we get to see their kids grow up. I’m part of a really supportive team as I want to get into musical theatre and studied it at university, so if I need to go to an audition then Potters is really flexible. I am really looking forward to seeing families on the Easter breaks as there’s always such a buzz on Resort.