“I’ve stayed since I was a baby and it is my happy place” – Dee shares her memories of matchbox games, fancy dress and only swimming at Potters

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Dee Foulger started coming to Potters Resort as a baby and still returns, over 40 years later. We had a chat with Dee to discuss Potters being the only time she gets up early and has a swim, matchbox hunts, Buzby’s garden patch and Potters being her happy place…

How long have you been coming to Potters?

Since I was a baby, and my parents and grandparents before that! I can first remember visiting when I was about seven and then came every year from when I was about 10. Now me and my sister come along with our own children, and our parents. We recently celebrated our parent’s 50th wedding anniversary at Potters and 12 of us came along. One time, there was 80 of us!

What are some of your favourite memories of Potters?

My grandparents used to talk about when Potters had the huts and when Hector was in charge.

A highlight was my 40th birthday when I stayed in the Penthouse. They got me up on stage and I am already planning to spend my 50th at Potters.

I just love all of the team and have so many amazing childhood memories of holidays at Potters.

More recently, Buzby stamping over my son’s face with a stamp on the summer passport check in – it was so funny.

What activities did you do at Potters when you were younger?

Well we were the entertainment, but I do remember that we were given a matchbox and a list and had to try and find as many things from the list as we could. We’d be out for ages trying to get everything!

A big thing was always the fancy dress and my great auntie used to bring crepe paper and make our outfits. I remember one was made out of newspapers and my sister had a tennis one made out of white paper with pink spots on. I also remember Buzby’s garden patch area, which is now the Gallery bar area.

We used to entertain ourselves and would sometimes go to Yarmouth for the day. Now, we don’t need to leave Resort as there is so much to do. It is a running joke that I never get up early or have a swim normally, but at Potters I always get up early before breakfast to go for a swim. I only do it at Potters! I love the bingo and we always play before the shows.

Why do you love Potters?

I have such happy childhood memories of Potters. Everyone is so friendly, it is my happy place and I know that the children are safe. We are always entertained and create many happy memories. I’ve also grown-up with Mark and Buz, and I love Jonny Mac. My children are 18 and 15 and love it too.

The food is really good and there is so much choice, it suits everyone and great for people with young children who are fussy.

I love sitting on the Family Green in the summer with a drink in my hand and just relaxing.  

I also love the Potters Theatre Company shows, which are like the West End and just amazing. I recommend Potters all the time and it is wonderful for families and is such a special place. All the family love it. Even my mum, who is in her seventies, went on the Giant’s Swing!