Potters helps make birthday wish come true for 100-year-old guest
Potters helps make birthday wish come true for 100-year-old guest

Potters helps make birthday wish come true for 100-year-old guest

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Potters Resort helped make the birthday wish of a 100-year-old guest come true after her son got in touch with the team. 

Doris Alford, from Staffordshire, has been a lifelong fan of bowls, despite only ever picking up a bowl once, and recently stayed at Potters after telling her family that she wanted to spend her birthday at the Resort. 

After booking a break, her son, Brian Alford, wrote to Judy Potter to inform her of the special occasion and how his mum is an avid bowls fan, never missing the World Indoor Bowls Championships, held at Potters Resort every January, when they are shown on BBC TV. In particular, Doris enjoys seeing all the different jackets worn by Judy on each day of the Championships, as well as being a fan of world number one bowls player, and our bowls ambassador, Greg Harlow. 

As a result, Judy arranged for a drinks reception and canapés with Doris and her family when they were on Resort with Greg. After hearing how Doris loves flowers, Judy wore one of her floral jackets when she met Doris. During their meeting, Doris performed a poem for Judy that she had written about Potters and was later surprised herself when it was performed to music by our lovely day entertainments manager, Rachel Baade, live on stage in the Atlas Theatre, in front of 700 guests.   

Lots of fuss was made of Doris on her Midweek break in September, and Doris even got to sit in Mrs Potters seat in the International Arena, where she sits every January to watch the Championships.

We caught up with Doris, who said: “It’s been a dream come true for me to spend my birthday at Potters and I have had a wonderful time, and been really spoilt. I always love seeing all the colourful jackets that Judy wears when the bowls is shown on TV, and Greg had dinner with me and my family one evening. He even brought me a Baileys, remembering that he had told me on my 95th birthday that he would buy me a drink when I turned 100!”

Doris’s son, Brian said: “I cannot thank all the Potters team enough for all the fuss they have made of my mum. She has been to Potters four or five times before, and she loves the place. Mum always watches the bowls, and absolutely loved spending time with Judy and Greg. It was a dream come true for her.”