Five ways to convince your partner it’s time for a holiday
Five ways to convince your partner it’s time for a holiday

Five ways to convince your partner it’s time for a holiday


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Are you and your partner on different wavelengths when it comes to a break away? If you’re desperate for a little change of scenery, fancy the chance to put your feet up for the weekend, or just have some fun, then a staycation might be a good way of tempting or convincing your partner it’s time for a short break.

Why not casually leave a brochure on the sofa, change their computer or mobile screen to a photo of where you want to go, or even take inspiration from the movie Inception… simply make them think that they come up with the idea by saying something like “Was it you who told me about that amazing inclusive destination in Norfolk, which has Russell Watson AND Billy Ocean making appearances?”

Alternatively, just drop hints about how much you’d love a break, then wait as they catch on. If they think they came up with the idea, they’re much more likely to be enthusiastic about it!

If it comes down to a debate on the subject, here’s a helpful set of tips to help you get your partner to leave their reluctance in the rear view mirror…

Book a break closer to home - Tell them they don’t have to travel far! Minimal travel times, no queues and no passport renewals are all good reasons to stay closer.

It’s just for a few days – You don’t need to use up precious holiday allowance at work by taking a full week off. Instead, a short break away can be just a couple of days, or even better, over a weekend.

Find inclusive value - An inclusive break means you know pretty much what you’re spending and that there’s no nasty surprises when you get there, or when you check out! Activities and food aren’t included at many places, so make sure you check these things are covered before you head off anywhere.

Discuss your priorities – Talk about what a break means to you, as well as your interests. Find things that your partner likes to do, like Segways, swimming, theatre-style shows and live music. 

Get your friends or family involved – Maybe you’ll have even more fun going away with those you think you don’t spend enough time with.

Finally, our TOP TIP - if you manage to persuade your other half, then be willing to plan it all. Make sure you choose somewhere where everything is included so it makes it really easy for you!