“Potters has never lost its sense of good old fashioned fun” – Talking honeymoons and Potters in the 50s with Genny Piper

Over To You

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Genny Piper got in touch as part of our 100 year celebrations to share some of her memories. We asked Genny to set the scene on what Potters was like in the 1950s. Over to you Genny…

I first came to Potters in the 50s with my husband and a group of friends on our honeymoon when I was 17. We stayed in a double bungalow and my friend had recommended Potters to us. The bedroom was at the front and the bathroom at the back, and it was situated in the right hand row nearest the sea by the football pitch. A match was played each week between the team and guests.

In the afternoons we took our deckchairs outside onto the field and had a sleep, because we would be up very late each night dancing and socialising. There were competitions in the ballroom and my friend Pat won the best biceps competition in a mixed entry. There was also a knobbly knees competition. I remember there being a stage at the back and a band. It was good old fashioned fun and Potters has never lost its sense of that.

Children were allowed in the ballroom in a special raised area for families. Later on, special facilities for children’s entertainment were introduced like early discos.

The highlight of the week was the donkey derby when we made small bets. The donkeys were brought in from the local farm and during the race the donkeys would wander off and choose their own path to go on, which caused a great deal of hilarity and some assistance in the form of gently pushing!

The meals were served in what felt like a large lounge of a manor house type building and the good quality meals we had then have been maintained to this day. The Potter family always joined us for meals in the same room.

Since then, I have been bringing a group of over 60 bowlers to Potters for the last 20 years and have seen many changes over this time. The activities and rooms are second to none, and all the team seem to be pleased that we are there and are happy to look after us all.

Nothing is ever too much trouble at Potters, such as when I asked reception for an extra one and it was in my room before I was back in there!

I love seeing Frankie’s Guys when they are at Potters and the Resort really has made great progress in the entertainments side and what they offer. Potters Theatre Company are so talented and has produced people like Leanne Mitchell and Kerry Ellis, and the talent really shows every evening when we watch them perform.

Potters holds a lot of happy memories for me and is such a special place. Happy Centenary!