Get cracking with our Easy Easter craft ideas: Make an Easter basket, paint eggs and more
Get cracking with our Easy Easter craft ideas: Make an Easter basket, paint eggs and more

Get cracking with our Easy Easter craft ideas: Make an Easter basket, paint eggs and more


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It is never too early to get ahead and decorate your home for the season. Hop to it and get crafty this Easter…

Paint some eggs-ellent Easter eggs with the kids

  1. Hard boil some eggs. After 10 minutes on the stove, leave to cool (you can set them in the fridge) and the eggs are ready to go
  2. Assemble your art supplies together. Using acrylic paint and some fine-pointed paint brushes will allow you to be precise and decorate the eggs neatly
  3. Make sure you’re wearing an apron or old clothes, as you’ll get messy
  4. Paint one half of the egg at a time and let it dry before painting the other half to avoid smearing the paint, then it’s time to create more intricate patterns
  5. Create a stripe design, some floral patterns or dot on some paint to create spots.

Easter egg basket

What you need…

  • Coloured cardboard or A4 paper
  • Cardboard flowers to decorate
  • Glue dots
  • A stapler or sellotape

Watch our lovely daytime activities manager, Claire Randall, making an impressive Easter basket below. There’s step-by-step instructions on making a paper Easter Egg…

Plus, don’t forget the yummy part of chocolates or other Easter goodies to fill it with!

Almond wreath

  1. Get a 12-inch Styrofoam wreath, around 60 almonds and a hot-glue gun
  2. Take your wreath and, beginning with the circumference, hot-glue the almonds in place, overlapping a few of them
  3. Continue in a circular pattern until the entire front and inner and outer edges of the wreath are covered
  4. Hang with a sturdy piece of ribbon

Colourful carrot garland

What you need

·    1 A4 sheet of orange craft paper

·    1 A4 sheet of green craft paper

·    Ruler

·    Scissors

·    Pencil

·    Stapler

·    50cm string

·    Hole punch


  1. Cut the coloured paper lengthways into 2.5cm strips
  2. Use a ruler to mark up 8 x 2.5cm intervals on each piece of coloured paper, then cut out the strips
  3. For the green head of the carrot, fold one green strip at the 5cm mark, fold it to match that first length, then fold it four more times, matching the 5cm length each time to end up with a three-headed carrot top
  4. Now fold one orange strip in half. Position the green carrot head you just made in the V of that orange strip. Make sure the open ends of the folds are facing into the V
  5. Staple on the fold of the orange strip
  6. Now bring the two orange arms down to meet each other below and staple them together. It should form a rough carrot shape, with the green carrot head sprouting out the top
  7. Make seven more carrots for your garland, and use a hole punch and string to join them all together. String your carrot garland up for Easter.

Felt Easter chicks

What you need

·    1 A4 piece of yellow felt

·    1 small piece of white card

·    1 small piece of red felt (for the beak)

·    2 small googly craft eyes

·    1 orange pipe cleaner

·    Glue

·    Scissors

·    Lead pencil


  1. For each chick, you will need two large oval shapes for the body and two smaller ovals for the wings
  2. The easiest way to make lots of chicks is to create two oval templates out of white card first
  3. If you are not confident drawing oval shapes free hand, find a circular object and trace around it once, shift it about 1cm then trace it again. The outline of the two circles should make an oval shape, then cut out your templates
  4. Trace one large and one small oval shape onto the yellow felt, and fold it over so that you can cut two shapes in one go, then cut out your felt shapes
  5. Lay one of the large ovals onto the table and place a small triangle of red felt on as the beak, and overlap the two edges about 1mm
  6. Before you lay the other oval on for the body, cut two legs (about 4cm each) out of the pipe cleaner. Now cut two smaller pieces (about 2cm) to make feet. Fold each foot piece into a V, then hook each leg onto each foot, bending and twisting the pipe cleaner to secure it
  7. Place the legs onto the body and glue them in place. Now place the other oval on top, so that it lines up with the lower body shape
  8. Glue a wing in place and a craft eye on each side of your chick.