Get ready to get All Shook Up with Chris Connor as Elvis

Get ready to get All Shook Up with Chris Connor as Elvis


It’s Now or Never as Chris Connor gets ready to bring the wonder of The World Famous Elvis Show to Potters. With a look which astounds many fans of his likeness to Elvis, along with his Elvis tone, and authentic energetic moves, Chris Connor is a must see for any Elvis fan and his show celebrates the King of Rock n Roll and his incredible music. Get ready to take a trip to Memphis and back with the ‘World’s Best Elvis’, as voted for by fans around the world! We caught up with the Manchester-born singer to find out about going to Graceland, getting his costumes from the same company Elvis used and performing at Potters…

What came first – being an Elvis fan or becoming an Elvis tribute artist?

I always wanted to be a singer from an early age, and my uncle was in bands, and influenced and encouraged me to sing. I had done karaoke before and sung in the car and people had always said I sounded like Elvis. I have always liked his music and used to listen to my dad’s records, but I think that tributes I had seen up until then weren’t very good, so it put me off. However, when I was about 28 I saw someone doing it on a large scale and professionally, and it was amazing, and I decided to give it a go, and now I have my own show.

Can you even pick one of his favourite songs?

It changes all the time, so it is hard to pick, but I’d probably say Suspicious Minds as everyone gets up on their feet. The whole show is a rock n roll concert, and we just have a lot of fun.

Have you been to Graceland?

I have been four or five times before and it is amazing to walk around his hometown, as it is like a bubble that has never changed. I have met some of his friends too, such as his former drummer, DJ Fontana, and his best friend and road manager, Joe Esposito.

What can we expect from your Potters performance?

I perform two concerts, his legendary 1968 comeback special in the first half and his classic 70s songs in the second half. There is always a mixed audience when I perform, some who love all his popular hits and other more hard-core fans who know his less well-known songs, so I try and cater for all. There will definitely be all the favourites though!

How often do you watch back old performances of Elvis?

Every now and then so I make sure I’m not slacking, though the fans would probably tell me if I was! I want to make sure I’m authentic, so I will watch old concerts and performances.   

Do you listen to the music of Elvis when you have a day off?

Yes, of course. I am still learning though as he recorded over 700 songs, so in my spare time I will listen to the music and try and learn all the words, and rehearse them and decide if they are right for the show.

What do you do to become Elvis before you get on stage?

It’s just getting ready, combing my hair and putting on the costumes. Once I step out on stage it is like acting really. I get the costumes from the same company in Indiana, who made Elvis’s in the 70s, to make it authentic. I have to do a lot of upkeep on them, as it is an energetic show! Elvis really was the first of his kind so there is a lot of pressure to do a good job each night, and please his fans.

What has your greatest achievement been in your career?

Coming up with my own show, The World Famous Elvis Show, and making it a success. I have a band and orchestra too, and we all have a laugh together on stage, like Elvis used to do with his own band. It is a massive compliment to be told I look, sound and move like Elvis, as he was an incredibly good looking and talented man.

Chris Connor brings the wonder of The World Famous Elvis Show to Potters on Sunday 3rd March 2019
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