Gina tells us about her first Potters family break

Gina tells us about her first Potters family break

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Gina Linstead was the lucky winner of our recent Potters\nFacebook competition to win a family Summer break. It was Gina’s first visit to\nPotters and she brought along her son, Sean, her sister, Mel, and Mel’s\ndaughter, Georgia, on the break. We caught up with them on the last day of\ntheir family short break…

How did you get on?

Gina: “We had such a good time and I think we got round a\nlot of the Resort and what was available. We didn’t really stop and everything\nwas fantastic, and we really enjoyed our visit to Potters. There is so much for\neveryone to do and we’ve never been to any Resort like this before.”

What activities did\nyou do?

Gina: “We did a lot. We had a go on the Gladiators challenge,\nthe Rodeo Bull, Segways, the two arm Sweeper, swimming and lots more, plus we\nwalked to the beach. On the bungee trampoline they kept telling us to jump\nreally high so that we could see the sea! What was also really nice is that our\nparents used to holiday in Great Yarmouth, and had a cottage in the area, so it’s\nreally nice to be in Norfolk.”

Sean: “The Segways were brilliant and we went on them for\nquite a while, and there wasn’t a queue either.”

Mel: “I went on the Giant’s Swing with Sean and I think our\nscreams probably woke everyone up, but it was great fun. Georgia loved the\nswimming pools and was in there for about three hours on one of the days – we\ncouldn’t get her out! The pool outside was great too and really deep, and we\nspent time relaxing on the Family Green enjoying the weather.”

What did you do in\nthe evenings?

Gina: “After our dinner, we made sure we saw the Potters\nTheatre Company shows. They were brilliant and out of this world. Brilliant\nsingers and dancers, and we loved the comedy too as that broke up the show, and\nwe love a good laugh. We stayed up on the Saturday night, saw Dudes performing\nafter the main show, enjoyed the live singers in the Terrace Bar, then ate the\nmidnight dish, which was a lovely curry.”

Mel: “They were like proper West End shows, and we loved the\nHits of the Decades show and the Michael Jackson part was great. Also\nLorraine’s vocals were incredible in Around\nthe World in 80 Minutes, especially Don’t\nCry for Me Argentina.”

And how was the food?

Gina: “Really good. The waiters were fantastic and there was\nlots of choice for little ones to eat. Obviously the drinks aren’t included on\nthe family breaks and what is good is that they are really reasonably priced.

Mel: “Potters does the best coffees too!”

Sean: “There was a chocolate fountain, which we loved.”

What do you look for\nwhen you choose a break for the family?

Gina: “Somewhere safe for the children and Potters is. Plus\nit has a really relaxed and fun atmosphere, and there wasn’t any queuing\neither. Everyone is really friendly, even the guests, and Sean made a friend\nwith one of the other youngsters. The other guests told us how they come back\nevery year. We’ve been to Haven before, but this is completely different.”

Will you be back?

Gina: “Definitely and I think we’d like to try one of the\nadult breaks next time. We’d never heard of Potters before this and we have\nfelt like VIPs for the whole time we’ve been here. We came from London and it\nonly took about two and a half hours in the car. The hotel room was also lovely\nand we could have lived there, and Sean was happy as he had an X Box in the\nroom, not that we were in the rooms much!”


Thanks Gina and glad to hear that you had a good family\nweekend break with us. 

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