Your guide to the 2019 Christmas Spectacular and go behind the scenes


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Get ready to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and some Happy Holidays with the feel-good Christmas Spectacular from the Potters Theatre Company, which is a fast moving celebration of the festive season with its postcard perfect sets, dazzling routines, stunning vocals, colourful costumes and Potters’ own unique Christmassy atmosphere. Here is what you can expect…

Take a sleigh ride to our new 2019 Christmas Spectacular and enjoy a festive-themed song and dance extravaganza, featuring stunning costumes, a nutcracker comedy section, medleys, a live band and ending in a White Christmas! Santa’s Gonna Rock and enjoy a Christmas Waltz!

You then have the opportunity to get up on the dance floor and sing along to our Christmas Countdown, with popular and more modern Christmas hits to get you dancing and in the Christmas spirit. 

On select Christmas breaks, the Potters Panto will be performed after the Christmas Spectacular, led by Mark Brewer and the comedy team. The show will pay tribute to some of the best pantomimes from over the years.

We asked our entertainments director, Nicky Hathway, to give us the lowdown on what you can expect: “It wouldn’t be Christmas at Potters without the Christmas Spectacular, as we transport the audience to a breath-taking Christmas scene and really start the countdown to Christmas in style, incorporating as many Christmas songs as we can in the show. We can’t wait!”

The 2019 Christmas Spectacular will feature on 20 breaks from Monday 11th November. The Christmas Countdown and Potters Panto will be performed on select festive breaks.

Christmas Spectacular 2018

Discover how the magic happened on our 2018 Christmas breaks…

  • Over 16,000 people watched Potters Theatre Company’s Christmas Spectacular
  • 13,754 mince pies were devoured
  • 2,217 people stepped inside our stunning snow globe for a photo opportunity
  • Bang! You pulled 8,012 Christmas crackers
  • 14,000 yorkshire puddings were eaten
  • The Naughty Elves did 201 mischievous things that we class as ‘very naughty’
Christmas show

Behind the curtains of the Christmas Spectacular

Behind the scenes there is a team of incredible technicians supporting the building of new sets, moving scenery, controlling lighting, sound and vision, and even helping with costume changes when required.

We caught up for a chat with Rob Hurren, Tech Crew Manager, to find out what goes on behind-the-scenes of the Christmas Spectacular…

Can you tell us about what the tech team has to do before the Christmas Spectacular goes live?

The set-up is generally the same for all of the new Potters Theatre Company shows and Paul Firminger and Nicky Hathway will sort out the sets and props for the show. Once the team is in choreography and vocal rehearsals, we will work with them to plan in the lighting, sound and projections so we can focus the spotlights in certain places and learn the show. We have one of the biggest permanently installed theatre lighting rigs in the UK and many are intelligent lights, which means they have to be programmed to move and spin and flash in time with the music. I’m lucky I have a great team who get everything looking and sounding amazing.

What is the atmosphere like backstage?

It is really exciting as the adrenaline is going. It is a relatively small space backstage and people are amazed we manage to fit in so many sets and store the costumes in the space! Every night there are at least nine tech crew members supporting the shows, including two sound engineers to ensure we have the best sound experience for guests. The team move sets, props and scenery, set microphones, open and close curtains, but also they do maintenance like painting the stage and supporting with Star Acts and touring shows and all the equipment they bring!

Do you feel more pressure with the Christmas show?

Not really as we work with the best people in the business and Nicky Hathway and all the team put on the best shows, so we always know it will be amazing and wow guests. The LED wall has made such a big impact on the visual look of the shows and at Christmas it really transports everyone to a winter wonderland.