Hopton bonny baby: Guest David talks about his “fab-u-lous” Potters memories

Hopton bonny baby: Guest David talks about his “fab-u-lous” Potters memories

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We caught up with guest, David Lee, to find out about his\nPotters memories, including being crowned Hopton’s bonny baby…

Tell us\nabout the photo you sent of you wearing your Hopton baby sash

I\nwon the Hopton baby contest when I was around two or three, after my mother\nentered me in the competition to find the week’s most beautiful baby. There was\nalso a competition to crown Potters King and Queen too. The photo and sash were\nkept by my mother until she passed away in 1997 and I have kept them since then.\n

Can you\ntell us about your earliest memory of Potters and how old you were when you\nfirst visited?

My\nearliest memory was in 1958 when Geoff Parsons, previous entertainments manager\nwho seemed to do everything until Andy Feet joined him, did his cowboy act with\nguns and whips. It was just what a young boy wanted to see.

How often\nhave you visited Potters over the years?

I\nstarted going to Potters with my parents, uncle, aunt and two cousins. We went\nabout 10 times in 15 years, then I went with my friend twice, with my\ngirlfriend twice, who I later married, then we took our son 11 times in 28\nyears, so I make that 25 times in 68 years! When we first took my son he was\nlooked after by Darren from the activities team, and when he was about 11 years\nold Buzby taught him to play badminton, and he still plays the sport today.

What is\nyour happiest memory of Potters?

I\nhave many happy memories but one stands out, which is when I came with my\nfriend and dated a waitress at Potters. I was 16 years old and played a joke on\nher, and she replied: “If you're not a good boy I won't give you any breast\ntomorrow”, talking about the chicken, of course.

What sort\nof Potters breaks have you been on?

Mostly\non one week family breaks, though I stayed for two weeks once, and even twice\nin one year, one in June and one at the end of the Summer season, when guests\nand staff went completely bonkers! But recently, in the last 20 years, I’ve\nbeen on the Midweek breaks. The only problem is that I miss Mark Brewer, as he\nis mainly on family and weekend breaks. But to make up for him we have the\nPotters Theatre Company. 

How much\nhas Potters changed since you first visited?  

Potters\nhas changed so much since the 1950s. That’s when there was the wooden chalets\nwith toilet and washrooms in a block. We had no hot water, so my dad would\nfetch a jug of hot water from the canteen, so we could have a wash in private\nin the chalet. All the food leftovers was given to the pigs that Potters kept\nby the football pitch! Reception was a small building by the entrance and we\nwere booked in on a Saturday afternoon after a long journey from Liverpool\nStreet by Hector Potter and his wife. I also remember the beach being sandy,\nnot like now. 

What is the\nbest thing about Potters?

The\nbest thing about Potters is that everyone is left to do what they want… if you\nwant to sit and relax you can do so in peace and quiet. 

What do you\nenjoy doing when you are at Potters?

I\nlike doing everything my 70 year old body will allow, from swimming to pitch\nand putt. 

How was\nyour recent break, where you turned 70?

This\nyear I celebrated my 70th birthday at Potters and was joined by my wife, son,\ncousin, who came with us in the 50s and 60s, and another cousin who hasn't been\nbefore, plus their husbands. It was a fabulous break, celebrating my 70th\nbirthday, although it was officially back in February. John Potter has promised\nme a free holiday if I reach 100!

Describe\nPotters in three words…

In\nthe words of Craig Revel Horwood, ‘Fab-u-lous’ darling, or a ‘home from home’\nas my wife says. 


Thanks\nDavid for sharing your memories with us. Of course, we couldn’t let David go without\ngetting him to wear his Hopton baby sash, which he brought along with him (see\nmain image)! Keep sending us your Potters memories by emailing 100.Years@pottersholidays.com