Celebrating International Housekeeping Week with a chat with the bungalows team

Meet The Team

| 4 min read

Our housekeeping team are some of the hardest working people on Resort and are always there to greet guests with a friendly smile. We caught up with some of the bungalows housekeeping team for a chat to find out more about what they do, working in all weathers and how clean their own house is…


How long have you all worked at Potters for and which block do you look after?

Trish: “For ten and a half years and I look after L58 block.”

Dawn: “Seven years and I have F1 block.”

Mandy: “Three years and L109.”

Issy: “Seven and a half years, and L117.”

How many rooms do you look after?

Trish: “We have eight bungalows each but Dawn has family rooms, so has eight.”

Mandy: “We also help when people are on holiday so sometimes do more, and sometimes we even help with hotels too.”

What hours do you work?

Issy: “9.30 to 2.30 on changeover days and a service is generally 9-12. We work six days a week but get in an hour before so we can load the trolley and also we like to have a chat before we start.”

What is the best part of working as part of the team?

Dawn: “The team. We work independently but always catch up first thing and we have such a laugh and get on so well. We do all work really hard though.”

Trish: “It’s also talking to guests and many of our Midweek Break guests in particular love a good natter, especially those who come back every year, but it is lovely to have that rapport with them.”

Mandy: “It is also the banter we have. There is a gentleman who comes every year and he always brings his fishing gear. He always jokes he is going to catch me a fish and this year he gave me a book on fishing. I cut out some of the photos and stuck them to the headboard in his room. He absolutely loved it and rolled about laughing.”

Issy: “Paul Reaney, our football coach and ex Leeds player, is in one of my rooms on family breaks and when Norwich beat Leeds at football recently I stuck a Norwich flag in his room. You could hear his reaction from ages away. He is always a good laugh.”


What do you have to load on your trolley?

Dawn: “We have towels, pillows and sheets, toiletries, coffee and tea, laundry bags, shower curtains and bath mats, toilet rolls, chemicals and paperwork too. Also we have to get the hoover too.”

Trish: “John the porter will also come on his buggy to collect the rubbish and drop-off any extra bits we need.”

Mandy: “We also work through so take a drink and a snack with us too.”

What is the hardest part of your job?

Mandy: “It is making sure everything doesn’t get wet as we are outside in all weathers.”

Issy: “It is also physically demanding too, so is a good workout but it does get hot in warm weather.”

Trish: “Also making sure we do thinks in time as we have half an hour for each room on changeover day and 15 minutes for a service, but so many people want to talk to us.”

Dawn: “I don’t think people realise that we do outside the rooms too, so cleaning the frame and door.”

What are some of the things people leave in their rooms?

Issy: “Phone chargers are quite common and you always wonder what will be in a room when you open a door, especially on a drinks inclusive break.”

Dawn: “Once there was a frog in a bathroom, so I had to get it out and also we have had ducks around this summer and one got into a room.”

How clean is your house at home?

Mandy: “We have no time at home after doing this all day at Potters!”

Dawn: “We always say that the bungalows are cleaner than our own houses.”


We also caught up briefly with Jo, assistant housekeeping manager: “Our team work incredibly hard and we know our guests appreciate them as much as we do, often naming them in feedback forms and giving them thank you cards. We do try and do fun things with them to show how valued they are, like picnics and doing things for Red Nose Day, having a housekeeping day on Resort and we also take them some ice pops when the weather is hot. We also got them some neck fans too to try and keep them cool as it is a physical job. Of course, we also have our laundry team too who do a fantastic job.”