“It is a really happy and magical place”: Guest Karen Eve talks Potters and visiting 100 times

“It is a really happy and magical place”: Guest Karen Eve talks Potters and visiting 100 times

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We love chatting to guests and finding out what they love about Potters and all their fondest memories of the Resort from over the years.

Karen Eve is a familiar face to Potters, having visited over 100 times. We caught up with her to find out about family breaks at Potters and some of her happiest memories…

When did you first come to Potters?

My grandparents first brought me to Potters in September 1982 with my aunt and cousin when I was 10 and my cousin was just one-year-old. We stayed in F13 which was a two bedroom bungalow with a bath and a bar heater in each room which had to be fed 10p pieces to activate. We used to come the same week every year as it was known as reunion week and the same faces would return year after year. It was also the last week of the season where Potters would close until the following year.

When Potters decided to open for Christmas in 1986 all of my family came and since then it has become our tradition.

How many times have you visited?

Too many to count but probably over 100. We come for different breaks and celebrations throughout the year.

Who do you come with?

Four generations of my family have been to Potters. When my daughter was born in 2002 she spent her first Christmas at Potters with her great-grandparents, grandparents and us, and she is now 16.

I am always at Potters with my mum and dad and my two daughters, depending on the type of break and the time of year, at Christmas with my entire family, including my husband, our children, my parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and their families.

What do the children love about a break here?

There are so many things that the children love. They rarely hear the word “no” at Potters as activities are for everybody - seldom are they too tall, too short, not heavy enough, too heavy, too young, too old etc. Because of that “can do” ethos, the children have gained so much confidence over the years to give everything a go.

A story that comes to mind is when my youngest daughter went on a school activity day where there was a climbing wall and her teacher said that all of her class friends refused to have a go until my daughter said “Oh, I’ve done this at Potters and it’s fine”. Off she went and, being the smallest in the class at the time, it gave the rest of the children the confidence to try it.

They also enjoy the activities with Buzby, the Treasure Hunt, Kurling and basically anywhere he is they know they will have fun as it is organised chaos!

What is your favourite Potters break?

I enjoy every break but Christmas is my favourite. The atmosphere is electric and Potters really do pull out all the stops to ensure that everyone has a great time. On arrival we are met in reception with mulled wine and sherry, and start to meet the friends we know from previous years. Every day has a timetable full of Christmas themed activities and it’s a really happy, magical place to be and we’re all sad when it comes to an end.

What do you love about Potters?

I love Potters because it gives me and my family everything we need for the days we are there and we are cocooned from normality.  We are always so busy that there’s little time for mobile phones, newspapers or television.  I also like the spontaneity - there is no need to book activities weeks in advance and you can plan your day as you go.

What do you do when you are here?

We try to fit in as much as possible and my husband describes it as wringing out the day – trying to get the final drop of everything Potters has to offer. Whichever break we are there for we always play Hoy, Kurling and bingo and try to see as much of Mark Brewer as we can. The children love to participate in Buzby’s activities and my mum and aunt like the craft classes. We always watch the evening shows and end the day with a late night drink in the Terrace Bar.

Have you got to know the team over the years?

Yes, and each of them takes the time to have a chat with us. Often my Dad will be sitting with Mark or Johnny Mac having a coffee in the Bowlers Bar. Rachel, Darren, Mel and Claire are never too busy to speak to us.  I’ve known John Potter from when he was working in the bars etc - before taking over from his father. And Buzby! Well I don’t even think he knows my real name, he labelled me ‘Naff Naff’ 35 years ago and he still calls me that today!

Why should other people visit?

It’s great fun and you will never be bored. There’s plenty going on all of the time for different ages but there are also quiet places if you need five minutes peace. Reinvestment is obvious so nothing appears tired or dated. It’s a really happy place!

Can you describe Potters in three words?

Unique, friendly and fun.

What are your happiest Potters memories?

In the early days there used to be a ‘ramble’ straight after breakfast, which should have been a gentle walk around the village, but became an unmissable event where Mark and Buzby created mayhem. Buzby had my cousin and I wear a police helmet complete with truncheon whilst he was dressed as a banana, and Mark in the remnants of an old dressing up box.

Instead of having a 21st Birthday party we opted to mark the occasion at Potters and we were joined by friends as well as family.  Mark called my dad on stage to sing and announced that as it was such a lovely song he should be joined on the stage by my mum and I. Little did we know that Buzby, Dean and Sean were behind the stage curtain ready to cover us in shaving foam and silly string. We were saturated from head to toe!

My cousin’s husband is in the army and was unable to join us to celebrate her 30th Birthday as he had been posted to Afghanistan, but he managed to make a recording wishing her a happy birthday and the tech crew played it to her on the big Atlas screen.

Another memorable time was at Christmas when my mum and dad just pulled into the Resort to be greeted by two naughty elves. They got into the back of the car and stole two bottles of wine that my Mum always carries in case an emergency present is required!  My mum and dad were unaware that the elves had taken them. On unloading they searched high and low for the wine and my mum was convinced that they must have left them at home. That evening I was called on stage to receive a gift, puzzled over what I’d done to receive anything and Johnny Laff awarded me with my mum’s missing wine!

What are your thoughts on food and entertainment?

The food is always of a very high standard and there is something to suit any diet or taste. If I had to choose my favourite meal it would be breakfast – smoked haddock and a soft poached egg one day and a full English breakfast the next and always finishing with a pastry.

The shows from Potters Theatre Company are always stunning and full of variety and really do rival any West End show. For us we come to laugh and Mark and the team never fail to deliver on that and we love the audience participation and the way Mark carefully chooses his victims - a fleeting remark to him earlier in the day could potentially label you for the rest of your break or forever!

What do your children think about Potters?

My children absolutely love Potters and we were on a cruise last year where my daughter was refused access to an activity due to not being signed up for their kids’ club and both of them said “That would never happen at Potters!”

When we visited for the summer half term, the children participated in the Greatest Showman workshop, where they learned a dance and a song and performed it with other guests in the evening show. They loved it so much that they asked Rachel whether she could arrange for it to be in the Christmas programme which she did and they had the opportunity to do it again. 

We have a great selection of Family breaks throughout the year at Potters, with our #SummerOfFun coming up, starting on 19th July 2019 right the way through until the end of August
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