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James R Hearn is back at Potters for the summer and it is so lovely to have the cheeky funnyman and incredibly talented singer back. We caught up with him to find out what it is like to return…


James, how does it feel to be back?

It feels like I haven’t been away and seeing all the guests and the team again has been so lovely and everyone has welcomed me back so warmly. It has been about a year but it is wonderful to return to the best Resort in the UK for entertainment and with the friendliest team. A massive thank you to Nicky Hathway, Rachel Baade and John Potter for letting me back! I am on my best behaviour and am making sure I give gifts and bribes to the right people, then hiding when I’m not working so I can’t cause any trouble!

It is like another home really as I was 17 when I first started and am now in my 40s! People like Mark Brewer, Buz, Andy Feet and Johnny Wade all really inspired and influenced me when I first started, and I feel like I have taken something from all of them. There’s no better job out there and I’m lucky to have worked with some of the great. They’ve given me the bug for what I’m doing now thanks to their knowledge of timing and entertainment.

Although you did get our Facebook Fan of the Year, Lyn Hawker, with foam in your first week back…

Well it doesn’t sound good that we sprayed her with foam on one of my first days back, but in my defence I was made to do it. Sorry Lyn!

How much have you missed Buz?

I’ve missed the food more! I have kept in touch with Buz and we have just found out that he is my real twin. We needed proof! He also called me a traitor on my first few days back for leaving him before and our relationship is slowly getting back on track. I was so nervous on my first day back and all the team have really made me feel so at home.

I can’t believe Buz is now 60. I’d like a bench named after me on the cliff if I am still here when I reach that age! What better place to have a career though and spend your life!

James R Hearn interview
James R Hearn and Buz as one of their many characters

Where can guests see you this summer?

In the daytime you can see me around, plus in the shows with Potters Theatre Company. It is great to be back on stage and performing and a massive thank you to the comedy team for being so patient with me as I rehearse and learn the shows. Legends and Broadway & Beyond are outstanding, and being away and then coming back and seeing the shows really makes you appreciate how incredible they really are! It is lovely to be back with Mark, Buz and Darren, and also see the new talent in Jack and Jake. Plus, Mrs Brown has been around for the summer and our comedy manager, Chris has been really supportive and welcoming.

Also I have been doing some late nights in the Terrace Bar with Jonny Mac, Johnny Cleveland, Aaron Bolton and band, which has been great fun. I suppose singing is my first love and people get to see the real James.  

I’m still with my girlfriend, Katie, although she lives in Essex, and she absolutely loves Potters, so will be here lots too over the summer.

Will any of the classic Facebook characters be returning?

There is talk about David Copperpipe and also Dagenham Dave may be convinced to come out of retirement. Dagenham Dave doesn’t need the money but he loves being recognised and we have developed a new quiz, which took two years to write. I always say that I am better looking as Dagenham Dave and more talented as David Copperpipe than as me! Facebook and social media is great though as it cheers people up when they’re not at Potters and it is a proper little community, making people feel like they are part of Potters bubble. Mike Scott, with Buz’s 92 takes, needs a lot of patience and Nigel Pattle is wonderful creative, so it will be great working with them on this.

Also my hair is gone as I wanted to be more aerodynamic and it helps me to arrive at my destination quicker, so I am always on time. Getting ready is a lot quicker too!


Lovely to have you back James and make sure you stay out of trouble!