Jean Letts talks about meeting her husband at Potters, first visiting in 1953 and how “everyone pitched in and laughed from beginning to end”

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Jean Letts got in touch for our 100 year appeal and to share some of her memories. Jean first visited Potters in 1953 and met her husband on her break. We spoke to Jean about Geof Parsons, find out about the ‘old times night’, staying in a hut and crying at the train station…

What do you remember about your first visit to Potters?

It was 1953 and I was 21, and it was absolutely fantastic. I was with my mum and dad, and we did everything available, from tennis, golf, bingo, fancy dress and spending time at the beach.

We returned most years and I would join in with the shows, singing and dancing. Each year we did a concert party show with sketches, and mum and dad joined in too. Geof was a very funny man and he worked us in the shows and we would always be so tired by the end of the holiday! He would always get my dad up on the first night to sing and would always say “Come on Harry”. There was an ‘old times night’ and we would dress-up in bowlers hats with moustaches, and there was knobbly knees and Miss Potters competitions. After the war, it was just a great place to be.

Jean Letts

We’d sing ‘good night campers’ and say ‘see you in the morning’.

I met my late husband, John, when I was at Potters in 1954 as he was in the RAF and there was a RAF station nearby. We shared many happy times at Potters and brought our own children and grandkids there. My life wouldn’t have been the same without Potters.

Jean Letts

Do you remember what the accommodation was like?

We were in wooden huts and we got hot water from outside in a jug. The boys would be in the dormitories. My parents spoke a lot with Vera and Hector, and I remember they told us that they sent Brian to boarding school as they didn’t want him thinking that life was one long holiday, which of course it is at Potters! We went to the reunion dances in London with Hector and Vera too.

I remember there was tea time in the afternoon and everyone used to eat too much, which is still the case now with all the choice on offer. The food is out of this world! The best thing was that you didn’t need to step away from Potters as everything was here. I also won many line dancing medals at Potters too.

What was the camaraderie like?

Nothing comes close to Potters. Everyone pitched in, and that’s never changed, and laughed from beginning to end. I have been visiting Potters for over 60 years and it has something for all. You never see a miserable face at Potters and everyone is so helpful and friendly, and there is always something to do.

At the end of the holiday in those early years, we’d say goodbye to everyone and would walk to the train station and sing a song on the platform and everyone would be crying, as you’d always make friends.

We'd also all help each other with the fancy dress competitions.

Jean Letts fancy dress

What do you love now about Potters?

Everything as it holds so many memories. I can’t keep away from the shows as they are wonderful and just all the team are so friendly. My family love it. In fact, my son sometimes says he pops in as we are quite local and I tell him off for not taking me!