Meet Facebook Fan of the Year 2020, Julie Iveson

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If you’re not already part of our Facebook community, then make sure you join, so you can find out about all the latest news, gossip and what’s new on Resort, and chat with our other fans and guests!

Every January we host a Social Media Weekend so that our Facebook fans can meet up, have fun and lots of laughs, and this year we crowned our new Facebook Fan of the Year. Find out from Julie Iveson about the weekend, what she loves about Potters and her favourite memory involving Mark Brewer…


Congratulations on being Potters Facebook Fan of the Year 2020. How does it feel?

It feels amazing and I still can’t believe it. When they said my name I had wobbly legs for the first time in my life! The social media weekend is just our favourite break anyway as we are like a big family and we always have so much fun – who can forget the wedding of David and Debbie, the conga or bath time karaoke! We’ve won a summer break and my son has already said he is coming with us. He’s 20 now and he hasn’t been to Potters for a while, he always used to love the football at Potters, so we’re all looking forward to it.

What makes Potters so special?

It’s somewhere you can have fun. Sometimes life feels like a rat race and the news can be depressing, but you get to Potters and just forget everything. We’ve been coming for 12 years and it feels like a second home, as it is so comfortable and everyone is so happy and helpful, and we have made friends there.

The team really care and nothing is too much trouble, whatever you go to them with. One year I had to mention the mattress was too soft because I suffer from a bad back and it was sorted within half an hour with a firmer mattress.

The quality of the rooms and food, the lovely staff and amazing shows make it a fantastic place to get away and forget everything.

What do you like to do on your break?

When we first came we used to do everything and the first weekend we were exhausted, so now we take it at a slower pace. I love Palms and always go in the pool and gym, do the dance classes, kurling, although I am rubbish at it, plus Segways, we love the quizzes and I really enjoyed the backstage tour of the Atlas Theatre.

Oh, and the shows from Potters Theatre Company are just amazing. Broadway and Beyond is my favourite show and it is lovely to hear Buz sing. The LED screens are amazing – especially in the Christmas show and Girl Power. Also there’s always something new on Resort and it changes year on year.

On the Social Media Weekend 2020 Buz was on very good behaviour, although he did ask me how I like flans! I loved the fame workshop with Zac and we all were dressed in our 80s gear. Tara and Mike look after Facebook and they are always so lovely and responsive. My husband Richard always helps me pour a bucket of water over Windy Wendy!

What are some of your favourite memories from over the years?

As well as the Social Media Weekend, the most I have ever laughed is at Mark Brewer and his stories and especially a Star Wars sketch. He got a lady called Daisy from the audience, and she was in her 90s, and he kept telling her what to say but she said something different and it was just so funny and I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Mark Brewer is very clever at picking people he knows will be happy to take part. Also Mark Brewer and Sion with the sausage song was very funny!

I’m looking forward to bringing my young grandsons when they are older – they are still little but they will love it!