Julie May talks counting tiles, floods and how she loves catching up with guests

Meet The Team

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Julie May, who now works on bars, has worked at Potters for 21 years and we caught up with her to find out about some of her memories…


Do you remember your first day at Potters?

Yes, my husband Dave, who died last year, was friends with Brian Potter and got me a job in housekeeping. There was no interview back then and the team didn’t even know I was starting – very different to how things are now! I worked on bungalows for 11 years and then moved to bars, whilst also doing some silver service at Zest and Black Rock Grill, which I still help with now. Potters always has been one of the best holiday Resort’s and given guests so much fun and so many memories over the years, and that is what makes it so special.

I was at Potters before the hotel was built and when it did get built we were so busy, as we would service the bungalow rooms and then go and do the hotel rooms too.

Can you share some of your memories from over the years?

When I worked on housekeeping many years ago, our manager, Kim, told us that we had to count the tiles in the bungalow bathrooms and we did, forgetting that it was April Fools Day!

I really remember the times when everyone has pulled together. I think it was around 2003 when we had torrential rain and the drains overflowed and we were all in our wellies on the football field mucking in. Also when the laundry room burnt down and we had to create a makeshift laundry room over at Zest, not long after it was built. I also remember Buzby taking the housekeeping trolley to the beach once and I had to bring it all the way back and also when he told the whole of Tesco’s that I was his stalker – I was very angry at him!

I remember the Bamboo Bar and taking my son Daniel to the children’s entertainment when he was little.

What is the best thing about working at Potters?

I am known for talking too much to guests, but I love catching up with regulars. Guests who I saw growing-up here are now returning with their own children and it is lovely to see. I don’t see Potters as a job as it is a lot of fun, and we have had so many laughs over the years. I can’t imagine not being here. Potters has transformed over the years but what hasn’t changed is the same rapport that we have with guests and so many have become friends, and I meet up with some of them when they are on Resort.

Potters has invested so much over the years in the Resort and it is a special place for me. Dave worked on luggage as a porter and my son, Daniel, works at Palms as a technician. Dave and I were friends with Brian and Judy Potter and we have shared some real laughs together. Dave sometimes watched over John Potter when he was younger and played table tennis with him. Because they knew Dave, Judy, John and Celia kindly took care of Dave’s wake and all the arrangements and gave Dave a great send off. Daffodils were Dave’s favourite flower and they had them on the tables and also gave us a plant to plant in our gardens.  They really did him proud and they are such caring people. We bring my grandson, Joey, to Potters to swim and it is lovely to share Potters with him too, and Potters does feel like another family in many ways.