“Potters has given me some wonderful memories” - Leatrice Moore talks Potters

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With our 100th year soon approaching, we are busy talking to guests who have visited Potters over the years.   

Guest Leatrice, Lea, Moore has had many happy breaks at Potters over the years and we caught up with her to share some of her memories…


When did you first come to Potters?

It was in the 50s that I first visited with my future husband and his family. There were around 30 of us, including extended family and aunts and uncles. Back then it was a week holiday and we would come every year, arriving on the Saturday. We would get a bus to Potters and the Potters carts would come and collect the luggage for us, and we would then walk to the Resort.

I do remember queuing on the Sunday morning to get a deck chair for the week! Potters would only have 400 people back then as they said that was the amount that they could ensure had a good time.


How do you remember the Resort?

Everything took place in the hall – all the activities and entertainment, and there was a small stage. Some games were outside, there was a football pitch and there was outdoor bowls too. My late husband, Ken, would play for the Potters football team.

There were communal showers and toilets and you could request a jug of hot water for the men to have a shave in the morning in your hut.

Hector Potter would do the donkey race and Hector and his wife, Vera, were lovely and I remember that she was a charming and elegant lady. We all had such an amazing time as a family and had so many laughs. Vera would always remember us every year when we came back.

The dining room had wooden tables and benches, and the food was always really good and the Potter family dined with us and ate what we had.

I remember in the 60s when Brian and Judy Potter got married and Potters guests were invited to Seacroft, which Judy’s parents owned, to celebrate and we got food and drinks, and all took balloons and banners with us to mark the occasion.

Guest Leatrice shares some happy memories

Ken won a ‘Mr Potter’ competition twice for the most handsome man and I won ‘best legs’ once. Someone else in the family also won ‘best knobbly knees’ and another ‘best looking grandma’. We would also make our own outfits and I remember some of us were carrots and Christmas puddings, and we would buy materials from the shop to make it. It was just really good old fashioned fun and we had so many laughs. It was a community feel and you would always make friends.

Geoff Parsons was amazing and he did so much for the entertainment, he even played the accordion and sung in the evenings. Mark Brewer later on did a lot to change the entertainment and we would always have a laugh and a drink with him.


What do you think of the Resort now?

It is mesmerising and is run like a hotel now and is five stars. I have been to Potters dozens of times over the years and it has given me some wonderful memories over the years and the shows are West End style. I wish Potters another remarkable 100 years making guests so happy.