Life's a Beach
Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach


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Spending the day at a beach is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Some of the best memories we have as children often include a sunny day at the beach, but did you know it also helps keep you healthy? Here’s 6 major benefits of a beach day...

Relieves stress and anxiety

We all know that feeling after being on the beach for a few hours, how the calmness of the ocean sounds and the feel of the sand between the toes begins to relieve any signs of stress. This is because your body releases Serotonin which is a key hormone related to relaxation and happiness.


Helps you get your daily Vitamin D amount in just 10 minutes

Vitamin D an important part of our body’s natural balance. However most people struggle to get enough in a single day. This is because not many foods carry Vitamin D in them. The good news is a short spell spent outside can rectify this, but with the modern working world being mainly indoors, finding time to get outside can be difficult. Just 10 minutes spent outside in the sun is enough to get your daily amount of Vitamin D.


Helps you sleep well

Having trouble sleeping? Being at the beach helps tackle three major factors that inhibit sleep: 

·         High stress / anxiety - As mentioned in point 1 the release of Serotonin is a great way to relieve stress.

·         Lack of physical fatigue – Being in a wide open space allows for a perfect opportunity to exercise and build up that physical fatigue

·         Hormonal imbalance - The sun and lowered stress level regulate a person’s hormones


Great for your skin

Not only is the beach great internally but it does wonders for your skin too. Here are three major benefits you may not have even realised:

Exfoliate - The sand works as a natural exfoliate on the skin, those small grains of sand are much like any good beauty product you buy promising the same benefit.

Detoxify – The sun opens pores and salt water pulls out the toxins leaving your skin feeling healthy

Antibacterial - Iodine and salt in the water work to destroy bad bacteria and fungi on your skin


Improves your ability to fight off infections 

When you have a cut or open wound you may have heard your grandparents say, “Just get some salt water in it that will fix it”. The truth is they were right, salt water cleanse wounds as it has unique antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also has a high level of Iodine which is a fantastic immune system builder by helping to boost the function of the thyroid gland.


Gets you breathing better 

Picture that first step out onto a glorious open beach with the sun shining, what’s the first thing you do?  Take a deep breathe? The truth is that reaction is natural, it’s an automatic response to the quality of the air. People with asthma, COPD, or breathing difficulties will find that it’s far easier to breathe when on the beach. This is because not only are the chest muscles surrounding the lungs relaxed but the air itself is charged with negative ions that work to increase oxygen absorption.


So next time you are stuck for something to do, take a trip to the beach and take in all the wonders it has to offer. Better still, come and see us for a short break at the beautiful Norfolk coast, who knows you might even be up early enough to watch the sun rise before the rest of the UK.


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