Meet dancer Lucy Dean from Potters Theatre Company

Meet The Team

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Lucy Dean is a dancer in Potters Theatre Company and we caught up with her to talk broken wrists, her brother being a former cast member and Potters being a cruise ship on land…


How did you get to join Potters Theatre Company?

My brother is John Dean and he used to be part of Potters Theatre Company and was in Frankie’s Guys. I came to see him at Potters when he was here so I knew the place and the shows, and he spoke to Nicky Hathway and I got an audition, and got picked. This is my first proper full-time contract since leaving college and what a place to start in! Working with Richard Peakman is amazing and the whole team are so talented. Before Potters I did a few things, like being in the music video for Blossoms I Can’t Stand It song and was in a Mac make-up Christmas ad.

I love being at Potters Resort and it is like a cruise ship on land. The quality of everything is just insane and the shows are on a par with the West End. Guests always tell us how much they love our shows and how it is such a big part of their break, and that is lovely and great to be part of that.

What is your favourite part of working at Potters?

The show of course! For anyone who hasn’t seen them, you must come as you will just be amazed at the standard of them. Broadway & Beyond has been my favourite one to perform so far and I also love the drinks inclusive breaks as the atmosphere is incredible and everyone is up dancing and having the best time. I love musicals and especially 9 to 5.

The team also get on so well – we hang out during the day and joke around backstage. We also lift each other’s spirits when needed. Lauren always has to wish us good luck before the can-can and it is a bit of a ritual for her! Everyone is just really nice, which makes it a great place to work. Combine a great team with doing what you love and it is the best job!

As we talk to you, you have a broken wrist!

Yes, I injured it but still managed to perform some shows with the injury - accidents and injuries are just part of it! The other thing that tends to break a lot is costumes!

What would you love to do in the future?

Have a dance school with my brother. I would love to teach others in the future.

Do you ever get used to being away from home?

You do but to drive home is five and a half hours, as I am from Manchester. It is just part of the job though and that’s why Potters Theatre Company has become a little family.

What are some of the quickest costume changes?

About 30 seconds and that is so tight! Once I went on without my gloves in a routine where we need them and we do have costume malfunctions. Sometimes something will have been left on stage from the previous song and we just have to kick it to move it out of the way. The comedy team do a song in Broadway & Beyond with a boob style costume and one of those were left on stage once!

You are a dancer but do you have to do some singing too?

Yes, we still do some backing vocals and also I have had to learn to sing and have done swing for Girl Power and that is full on singing! We need to know how to cover things if we need to suddenly perform something different!