Lynne Ainge celebrates 100th visit to Potters in our 100th year!

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Lynne Ainge is a familiar face at Potters Resort and has just celebrated her 100th visit. Remarkably, Lynne’s first visit was in 2012 and her 100th visit coincided with a Frankie’s Guys break, and Lynne is a big fan of the group, which meant a meet and greet with the boys had to be arranged!  

We caught up with Lynne to find out about what Potters means to her and how it put a smile back on her face…

Lynne, how was your 100th visit to Potters?

I had the best time and was very spoiled. It was amazing to have a meet and greet with Frankie’s Guys, who I love, and spend some time over an afternoon tea with Buz. I had some treats in my room waiting for me and just had a lovely day as I also had my nails done at Aphrodite. The show from Frankie’s Guys was amazing and I just love the music, which is my era, as I will be 60 next year! I love dancing and did a lot of it on my break, and it was lovely to see David Griego, producer of Frankie’s Guys, who I haven’t seen in years! John Potter also congratulated me on my 100th visit, which was lovely and we always have a laugh together.

Afternoon tea LynneLynne has her nails done

Why do you love Potters?

I am a social person and I like to enjoy myself and that’s what I do at Potters. It is a safe place for me and is my home from home, and I love the fact that I can relax, have fun and escape from reality. It is like a bubble and I have met so many lovely people here, from Aaron Bolton, to Mandy in the restaurant (who I have a Mandy hug from) to Buzby, and just so many people on Facebook too, like Carol and Ian Wall, Tim and Tina Steel, Nicola Vincent, Lyn Hawker and so many people. Jonny Laff and Sue used to let me stay with them when I was a blue coat at the bowls!

I have felt every emotion at Potters and I love the music, which brings back so many memories for me.

At Potters I can release my inner child and learn to dance at Fame workshops with Zac, perform The Greatest Show routine, do cheerleading and much more.

I feel like part of a family at Potters and it’s kept me going through some hard times.

Lynne with Shane backstage

What Potters breaks have you been on over the years?

A lot! Although my first break was in 2012, it was in 2014 that I started visiting regularly and one year visited 24 times. Other than my home, I split my time between Norfolk and Ireland, Potters is the other place I spend most of my time. Over the last five years, I’ve worked out I’ve spent five months at Potters, which is a lot!

I first went to Potters in 2012 with my late husband, Pete, and our bowls club and we loved it and the shows. After Pete died, I visited again in 2014 and was a bowls steward for the World Indoor Bowls Championships. It was then that I really got to know the people who work behind the scenes at Potters and all the team.

I have been on weekend breaks, one night breaks, like David Essex and I love dressing -up for the winter ball, as well as going to the 60s breaks and Irish breaks, and I have also been on the family breaks and had so much fun.

What are some of your best memories?

I have so many – from seeing people smile and feel good, like when I danced a social dance with someone who had lost their wife, to meeting Billy Ocean and having so many different experiences.

It’s been lovely bringing PJ, my partner, and his family to Potters and see them love it too. They loved it when John Potter came over to say hello one night in Black Rock Grill and Mia loved a Mark Brewer photo she won at Potters Street Fayre!

I love helping people and have got to know Potters Theatre Company well over the years. I even once did the washing for Andrew, who used to be in the Company and was referred to as ‘my Potters son’, and he even sent me a mother’s day message one year, which was lovely.

I did the walk of fire with Buz over hot coals for charity and Buz pitched up a tent in the International Arena when we did our 50 hours bowls challenge, and helped us get through it. Buz helped put a smile back on my face, after I lost Pete and my dad.

Lynne and Buz

Of course, I have also been flanned countless times by the Phantom Flan Flinger and soaked a lot by Mark Brewer!

Thank you Potters for making me smile again.


Lynne is known for her charity work, raising lots of money for the Big C and other cancer charities over the years. Lynne is celebrating 10 years being clear of cancer this year and Lynne very generously also donated £100 to Potters Friends Foundation on her 100th visit to mark our 100th year.

A massive thank you to Lynne for the donation and thank you for choosing and continuing to choose Potters over the years. See you again soon!