Meet our activities team

Meet The Team

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If you have scaled the wall, had a go at archery or whizzed around on a Segway at Potters, then you have probably met Terry, Kyle or Tom. Three of our most popular full-time members of the team, they are always ready to help guests with their next challenge. We caught up with them to find out their favourite activity...


Terry Murphy, activities manager

What is your favourite activity? The shooting range as we get a chance to really spend time with guests. And I think guests channel their inner James Bond when they have a go at it and hit a target! Segways are definitely the most popular activity with guests and each Segway records around 1,000 miles a year.

What is the best thing about working at Potters? Running activities every day is a dream job as we all have so much fun and get to play a small part in a guest’s holiday. Also I love the outdoors, so I’m very lucky when the weather is nice! Seeing the confidence on a youngster as they excel at an activity and then carry it on when they get home is incredible.

What would guests be surprised to know about your job? Probably all the safety checks that we do, which they don’t see, and the amount of knots and ties that the Giant’s Swing has! It takes 25 minutes to set-up and rig, and it has to be de-rigged after.

Any tips for guests? On the Segway it would be to relax and have fun, and on the climbing wall to be steady and methodical, so you don’t miss the handholds and footholds. And I always tell kids just to try something new – well, that’s what I tell my own kids anyway, and nine out of ten times they want to do it again.


Kyle Lodge

What is your favourite activity to run? The Giant’s Swing because of the amazing reactions we get from guests. We get screams and some funny noises as we release it and they experience the adrenaline rush.

What is your favourite activity to do? Rally Karts as it is great fun to drive so fast around the track. I can also do the easiest run of the climbing wall in two and a half seconds!

What is the best part of your job? Being able to help guests and see them improve. Also to build a relationship with regular guests over time.

Any tips for guests taking part in any of the activities? For archery and air rifle shooting it is just to stay calm and collected. Also don’t worry about other people watching you.


Tom Heckles

What is your favourite activity? Archery, both to run and to do. We get people who have never had a go at it and then people who think they are Robin Hood! It is lovely to spend time with guests and to help them improve. Archery is definitely my forte and I am pretty good now at most things, but I need to improve at table tennis!

Any tips for any of our guests? Even if you don’t think you will be good at an activity, just turn up and have a go. You will have fun and we will help you.

Why do you love your job? I love meeting guests and helping them improve on an activity. It’s a privilege to have a job which makes people happy and to have so much fun with guests.