Meet Rachel Davey – singer and dancer in PTC

Meet The Team

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Rachel Davey from Potters Theatre Company has been a singer and dancer at Potters Resort for the past year and has quickly become a really popular member of the team. We caught up with her after one of her afternoon sets on the Family Green to find out more about her, how many items of clothes have to be washed every day, falling down the stairs and accidently throwing water at Sion...

How much fun is it to be part of Potters Theatre Company?

It is so much fun and so nice to be part of an amazing team. It is lovely to be on stage and doing something you love every day and the audience response makes it all worthwhile, especially when they give us standing ovations. The patriotic endings are always great fun and seeing the audience waving their flags! I’ve also done some afternoons on the Family Green, which is great fun to help create the atmosphere as guests enjoy an ice-cream in the sun, and a couple of late nights in the Terrace Bar.

I’m actually from Lowestoft and used to come on holiday to Potters Resort, and wanted to be on the Atlas Theatre stage one day.

What is your favourite PTC show so far?

I love Broadway & Beyond as I love musical theatre and there is such a good variety of songs that it appeals to everyone. It is also lovely to play a part and get into the character and do some acting. I am also part of Girl Power and we feel like a proper girl group. It is like being a celebrity on stage!

The costumes are just amazing and Martin does a wonderful job, and even the mic stands are sequined up!

Did you always love dancing and performing?

Yes, I started off loving dancing and aged four I danced in dance schools. Singing came a little bit later and I went to college in Brighton to study musical theatre. Before Potters I was in a pantomime at Norwich Theatre Royal and also went to Malta for six months. I always wanted to be on stage and I never got rid of the bug for it! Potters Theatre Company is a great place to learn and work with the best talent.

What music do you listen to when you’re not working?

I love Adele, Aretha Franklin and Queen.

Can you tell us an interesting fact about Potters Theatre Company or what happens backstage?

There are 171 items to wash and iron in just five hours every day and Stephanie does an amazing job doing it! Also the quickest costume change is 30 seconds, which includes changing a top, bottom half and shoes.

How well do you get on as a team?

We are like a family and are all really good friends. We always say good luck to each other and this has been a great cast and I hope it comes across how well we all get on. We often have a coffee when we’re not working.

What do you do when you’re not working?

It’s always a funny one as I am doing what I love every day, but I do like walking and running, and meeting up with friends and family.

We often get guests wanting to see us after a performance and that is lovely, and some even give us cards and sweets! We will happily have a chat with them and getting to know guests is a really unique thing at Potters.

Has anything ever gone wrong on stage?

I went straight down in Girl Power recently and ended up with my bum facing the audience. I also fell down the stairs once! You just have to try and keep a straight face and laugh about it later.

And just how naughty are the comedy team?

The comedy team are great and they work so hard. They are there all day entertaining guests and then come on stage in the evening and they just make it all fun. In Broadway & Beyond they have a tankard for one of the scenes and Buz pretented to throw the contents of it over me, but it was empty. So, the next night I grabbed one and pretended to do the same thing to Sion, but this time there was water in it! Sion had to go and perform a number straight away, despite being wet. I can’t even blame the comedy team for that one – it was all me!