Meet vocal captain, Lorraine McIntyre
Meet vocal captain, Lorraine McIntyre

Meet vocal captain, Lorraine McIntyre

Meet The Team

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Lorraine McIntyre is wowing guests in Around the World in 80 Minutes with her stunning vocals on Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, as well as\nother hits, so we met up with Potters Theatre Company’s vocal captain and\nvocalist to find out about her role and how she is enjoying her second stint in\nthe Company…

How are you enjoying\nbeing back at Potters, Lorraine?

It’s fantastic coming back to the place where I started out\nand learnt my craft. It was my first job when I graduated in 2014 and I got to\nsee what a career on stage was like, and I learnt so much, and was a\nsinger/dancer when I first came here, whereas now it is all about the singing!\nI did a six month stint at Potters and then wanted to do some other things and\nget more experience, so I went on cruise ships, travelling all over the world. This\nyear I saw an audition for the Theatre Company and thought how much I would\nlove to go back, and my boyfriend applied too, who is also a singer and dancer.\nLuckily we both got chosen and we are having the best time.

Why did you jump at\nthe chance of coming back to Potters?

It really is a special place and a hidden gem. What is\namazing is the calibre of the talent they have and to perform in a place like\nthe Atlas Theatre every night is the reason why I trained. We are all like a\nfamily and get on so well, and I have the best team around me, like Nicky, Sion\nand Helen, as well as the technical team and creatives, and the wardrobe\ndepartment. I did keep in touch with some of the Company in the few years I was\naway, especially with Helen. My whole life all I have wanted to do is to sing\nand perform, so working at Potters and performing every night is a dream come\ntrue.

What does being a\nvocal captain involve?

I work with Sion on the day to day queries and vocals, and\nwe try to be as approachable as we can so that everyone feels like they can\ntalk to us and ask us for advice, which they do. We provide support and if\nsomeone isn’t able to perform one night, we decide who will cover for them and\nrehearse with them if needed. A real highlight for me has been working with\nLeanne Mitchell as she is amazing to learn from and is one of the best vocal\narrangers I have worked with - she is just so talented, nice and down to earth.\n

Do you have to take\ncare of your voice?

Yes, I am really aware of having to perform every night, so\ntry to protect my voice as best as I can. I have a steamer and take honey every\nnight, and so far have always kept well so have been able to perform. I would\ndescribe my vocal range as a bit of everything and I think I’m pretty\nversatile, but really I’d describe my voice as pop.

What have you\nperformed in the shows?

I’ve definitely had a lot of variety! I’ll do Beyoncé, Abba,\nmusicals and rock, pop…I think I’ve had a go at most things at Potters! And I\nwear the most stunning wedding dress in Around\nthe World in 80 Minutes. I’m also part of Divaz, which feels like a really\nfun concert and it is amazing to be part of a girl group. There isn’t any\nrivalry yet with the boys in Dukes!\nThe comedy team add light to what we do and are all really supportive. They\nhave so much support from all the guests!

And your version of Don’t Cry for me Argentina is beautiful.\nWhat has the reaction been like?


The new show is getting the most incredible reaction every\nnight from guests. We have all worked so hard and every minute of rehearsing is\nworth it when you go out and perform every night, and get to sing, dance and\nwear the most incredible costumes with the best team of people. The dress I\nwear for the Argentina song is actually a wedding dress, so it feels so special\nwearing it. I feel incredibly glam and just stand at the top of the stairs and\nbelt it out as best as I can – it is such a powerful and beautiful song. It’s\nhard to pick a favourite song though from the show, as it’s so diverse, and I’m\njust having a ball performing.