Meet Entertainments Director, Nicky Hathway

Meet The Team

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Nicky Hathway has worked at Potters for over twenty years and is our talented Entertainments Director. We caught up with Nicky to find out about her role, the latest shows from the Potters Theatre Company and her favourite musical…


How are you getting on in your new role as Entertainments Director?

Really well thanks, although there is lots to do! I’m still doing everything I was doing as show producer, in terms of coming up with the vision and concept for our shows, editing music, working with choreographers, set designers and the tech crew, working with our costumiers to source and make costumes, as well as find the best talent for the Potters Theatre Company.

Of course, I am also now involved with the whole entertainments programme, including Star Acts, discussing new daytime activities for the Resort, our late night entertainment offering and planning ahead so we continue to wow guests. I am lucky to have the best team around me and am supported by people like Rachel Baade, Sue Secker, Claire Randall, Laura Hodges, Shane Balls, Chris Dormer, our tech team, choreographers and band, and many more incredibly talented people.

Is there any part of the Potters Theatre Company that we don’t do in house?

Pretty much everything is in-house so we are incredibly lucky. Helen Ramsay is our resident choreographer, but we also use a few external ones too for certain elements of each new show. Some of our props are made by a local company and we also use a recording studio in Norwich to record things like a string quartet and bassoon for when we don’t have a live band with us. Apart from that, everything else you see and hear is done by us here at Potters, including lighting, sound, costumes, music and the LED screens.

What is it that you love about Potters?

I was a guest before I worked here and first came to the Resort when I was 14 and I remember we had the best holidays here. It was amazing when I got a job here as a dancer, which was back in the day when we also did all of the daytime activities, and I gradually just got more and more responsibility. As a guest I always felt I was coming home when I arrived and now this really is my home. The dancer in me would love to be up on stage still, especially with the calibre of the shows and the talent they get to work with. Of course, I also work with an extremely talented team of people.

What is your favourite musical and who is your favourite music artist?

I love music and musicals and am inspired by everything I see and hear, from costumes to music videos, concerts and TV. I then develop ideas and think about how I can see things working musically and visually.

I love a huge variety of music but Lionel Richie is a favourite and I met him a few years ago and fulfilled a lifelong ambition! Les Misérables was one of the first musicals I saw when I was 14 and I fell in love with it. It was so different to musicals like Grease that I had seen before and it is still a favourite.

How much pressure do you feel with each new show?

Success means that we strive to improve with every show. We want our guests to love the shows and we are always working to surpass their expectations and looking ahead to the next challenge.

We have had phenomenal reviews and standing ovations which fills me with immense pride for our amazingly talented team of performers and those working behind the scenes.

After the success of the summer show, Broadway & Beyond, we still have a Halloween show to prepare for our October Half Term breaks, the Christmas Spectacular and then just around the corner is our spring 2020 show, The Brits. Plus, we have our West End auditions in October when we will be looking for more amazing new talent to bring to Potters.

We will also be showcasing more of our resident talent such as Rachel Baade, who not only has an incredible voice but is a real favourite with our guests, and we are planning a night of swing with some of our amazing singers.