Your guide to ‘A Night of Variety’


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‘A Night of Variety’ is our latest show performed on Midweek breaks and stars some of your favourite Potters characters, including Rachel Baade, Michelle Batt, Johnny Laff, James R Hearn, Faye Ainley and our incredible live band. The show, which showcases their vocal talents and fun-loving personalities, is a wonderful and informal evening. We caught up with Rachel Baade to find out more…


Can you tell us about the show?

It really is a night of variety, and albeit a smaller cast than the main Potters Theatre Company shows, we know that the one thing we can most definitely bring is our fun loving personalities. It is informal and our primary aim is to make our guests feel comfortable, like they are sitting in the living room with us having a few drinks and sharing stories. We have a wonderful opportunity in this show to illuminate each team member’s talent, but equally to make our audience smile...look out for the toddler pictures when the band are doing their solo sections!

What performances and sections can we expect?

We pay homage to the incredible Doris Day, we then move to an instrumental section with the live band and people get to know Neil, Stuart, Jimmi and Ed a bit better. Johnny Laff is back as Mrs Brown and is genuinely hilarious, and from the ridiculous to the sublime we then move onto a short light classical section with pieces such as the Flower Duet. Then it’s time for a celebration of some timeless ABBA tunes and we hope to cover most of your favourites. Learning harmonies for that section has been amazing and Laura Hodges has worked wonders on arranging it. I could tell you more about the lycra outfits but I’m here to promote the show, not to put you off it haha! 

Did you come up with the show?

We had the concept already there from a few years ago. I suggested the content and under the close direction of Nicky Hathway, who has chopped, edited and basically put it together, we have our finished product. We have had so much support in putting this together and have too many people to thank. We hope to adapt the show slightly every six months or so to keep it fresh for our returning guests.

Night of Variety

How do you feel being on stage?

I love it, but I don’t think that a lot of people realise that I do get nervous, as we all do. The nerves aren’t about the singing - they are there because we love creating wonderful memories through both laughter and music for our audience and it truly is a joy to be in a position to do that and play some small part in making a guest’s break special. I love being with the team on stage, with wonderfully talented musicians; Faye who reminds me of me 20 years ago, Michelle I have known since she was a guest here many years ago, James, who I first met 24 years ago, is still like the naughty younger brother to me as he was all those years ago, and Johnny...well he’s just Johnny.

Are you a fan of Doris Day?

Yes, I am and she was a wonderful singer and actress. She always seemed like great fun too. Calamity Jane is timeless and still makes me want to get onto that deadwood stage. With so many tunes to choose from we found it tough, but know that By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Move over Darling and you never know, you might find your Secret Love, but if not Que Sera Sera.  


Thanks Rachel – the show sounds like so much fun and is a wonderful opportunity to see some of your favourite Potters characters on stage. On the same night, you can see the talented Davie Howes or the Kings of Swing before the show.