Peggy Forecast, Julie Hicks and family reminisce about Potters - fancy dress costumes, the rambles, wrestling and more

Over To You

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Peggy Forecast has been visiting Potters since 1952, when she was just 22 years old. Since then she has introduced all her family to Potters and we caught up with Peggy, her daughter Julie, her son-in-law, Colin, grandchildren, Sophie and Andrew, Sophie’s fiancé Andrew and Peggy’s nephew, Graham, on their recent break to find out about what Potters means to them.

Potters scamps

Peggy, can you tell us about your first visit to Potters?

Peggy: “Yes, we visited in June 1952 with my parents and have been staying here ever since. I was 22 when I first visited and I remember the wooden huts and we would have to collect the jug of hot water in the mornings. It cost eight pounds for the week, which was a lot of money back then. My husband, Les, who I miss every day, and I brought Julie for the first time when she was eight months old. We have always loved Potters as we have had such a laugh here and it is like a big extended family to us and a home from home. In the early years we all helped provide the entertainment and back then everyone was just up for a laugh - men would dress up as women and it was just good old fashioned fun. We always knew we would have a good time at Potters.”

Having some laughs at Potters

What are some of your favourite memories from over the years?

Sophie: “Nan and grandad used to make our costumes for the fancy dress competitions out of crepe paper and I remember dressing-up as Belle from Beauty & the Beast, and being up on stage. One fancy dress outfit was a butterfly and the wings moved when I moved my arms, and as a rocket too. I’ve always enjoyed Potters and always had so much fun here, and at every age. Andrew and I always enjoyed the Kids’ Clubs and also I loved the donkey derby too. We’d always make friends with other children on our break.”

The Donkey Derby

Peggy: “Just being with the family and having fun together. I also remember someone came and gave us the news that our granddaughter had been born at a time when we didn’t have phones. A highlight was sports day and welly wanging too. It is the only holiday Resort we will go to and Les and I had so many happy times at Potters.”

Sophie as a rocket

Julie: “I remember the rambles with Buz and Mark and we’d all pretend to queue up at the phone box if someone was in it and I remember Mark once went in one of the local’s houses and waving at us all from the window. Also when Potters did the wrestling, I somehow managed to get roped into it. I love seeing the comedy routines too and all the team are fantastic. We’ve celebrated lots of special events at Potters, such as mum and dad’s 60th wedding anniversary and other special celebrations. Some years there would be 15 of us. I’ve grown up at Potters and so have my children. We’ve introduced other family and friends to Potters over the years and, quite frankly, there’s nowhere quite like it!”

Wrestling at Potters

Colin: “Playing family fortunes in the cabaret bar and playing tournaments. We’d put our names down for everything and you’d write it on a list – table tennis, badminton, golf, bowls and I have won the bowls and table tennis events.”

What do you like to do on your Potters break?

Julie: “Everything. We always go to the lunchtime specials, we love doing the quizzes, we go swimming, play bowls and we all love the Potters Theatre Company shows, which are just amazing. We love talking to all the Potters team and just relaxing and having fun together as a family – that’s what Potters is all about and we have made so many memories here over the years. Mark and the team have got all of us up on stage at some point too. We’ve got so many wonderful photos – of us all doing sports, my dad in a security badge, us dressed-up as nuns in fancy dress, me singing with friends, relaxing in the cabaret bar and bamboo bar, playing family fortunes, on the rambles, mum with a fake asbo badge on, and lots of photos of dad, mum and nan. We all love Potters and it is so special to us all.”