‘Pop in’ for a chat with Bridget
‘Pop in’ for a chat with Bridget

‘Pop in’ for a chat with Bridget

Meet The Team

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Bridget Carroll is a sales assistant in ‘Pop in Shop’ and never stops smiling! She was a deserving winner at Potters annual team awards of the ‘Brian Potter MBE Customer Care Award’, an award in honour of our former chairman recognising one member of the team who stands out for their customer service standards. We know you love Bridget as much as we do, so we caught up with the cheery lady for a chat…

Bridget, how long have you worked at Potters?

Three years. Before that I worked across retail, in grocery and food shops, cafés, and on Yarmouth market fruit and vegetable stall. I first got started in retail when I was 13 and worked as a Saturday girl in a shoe shop. I loved it as I’m a real people person, love to chat and interact with people, and it’s just what I know now. It’s funny as I’m not always that confident about myself, but it comes naturally to me to just be happy and friendly. I work four days a week and live in Hopton, so walk into work.  

How would you describe yourself?

Chatty, bubbly, a good listener, happy go lucky and always smiling. 

What is your secret to talking with our guests?

I love interacting with people and making them laugh. It’s really important to read the customer, so that you can tell how far you can go with any banter. I enjoy laughing, and always try and show interest in the person I’m with. I don’t have a secret, but like to treat people how I’d like to be treated myself, and no-one wants to see a miserable face, so it’s important to be jolly and pleasant with everyone. I always greet a guest whenever I see them anywhere on Resort, and I’ll ask them how they are. I try to keep the conversation going and find out about them and their break, and just have general banter with them. I don’t think that what I do is any different to anyone else on Resort as being friendly is what we excel at.  

How does it feel to be a recipient of the Brian Potter MBE customer care award?

Incredible and very proud, but I was so shocked and flabbergasted to win. When our Operations Director, Kirstie, was describing who had won the award, the girls from the shop said that it was me, but I didn’t understand how it could be. Then they started showing images of me on screen, but I had my glasses on, so I couldn’t see! When Kirstie said my name, I just couldn’t believe it and was very emotional. Mrs Potter knew me from shops I had worked at before and, when she presented me with the award, said how I used to serve her. She also said how thrilled she was for me, and she sent me a lovely card afterwards. 

How well do you all get on in the shop?

We all help each other and have such a laugh together. All the team went out for a meal at the Black Rock after I won my award, and we all support each other. Our manager Simon is interested in our opinion on new stock ideas, which is really nice as we all feel involved. As a company Potters do things for us, like team nights and giving us treats, which is so nice. We’ve also had a bowls masterclass with Greg Harlow, and had a go at kurling, and I like to play adventure golf with my grandchildren. We sell a range of gifts in the shop, as well as confectionary and newspapers, plus we have Potters Bowls Shop, and you can also book activities with us, so we are often very busy. 

What do you do when you’re not working?

Spending time with my family, although my husband is not in the best health, so I look after him. I have four sons, aged 34 to 39, and 15 grandchildren, from a baby to a 19-year-old. My granddaughter, Holly, works in Black Rock, so we are keeping Potters in the family! Family time is really important to me, but I also love relaxing in front of the TV and watching psychological thrillers and quiz programmes, like The Chase, which help me switch off.  

We also asked Bridget some quickfire questions based on the shop…

Favourite chocolate? Galaxy

Paper or magazine? Take a Break and That’s Life

Favourite star to appear at Potters? Billy Ocean

Favourite crisp flavour? Prawn cocktail 

Favourite bowls player? Greg Harlow, our Bowls Ambassador, of course! 

Favourite Potters activity? Adventure golf

Favourite ice cream? Anything mint flavoured 


Thanks Bridget and congratulations again on your award win.

Image caption: Bridget (left) being presented her award by Mrs Potter (right)