Themed Purple Picnic raises money for Nelson’s Journey

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Nelson's Journey aims to improve the emotional wellbeing of bereaved children living in Norfolk by increasing their confidence and self-belief and providing education about the causes of death, enabling families to talk openly about their bereavement.

It is impossible to imagine the impact had on a young child who has lost a parent, and many understandably struggle to cope with such a loss. Nelson’s Journey offers support to these vulnerable children and helps them to understand their loss and how to cope with their feelings.

We are proud to have worked with this incredible local charity for a few years, including as part of their Twenty20 project, and on 9th July 2019 Potters sales and marketing team held a Purple Picnic for them.

The themed purple event is a wonderful and tasty way to make memories with friends, family and colleagues and this year runs from 8th to 14th July 2019, with many businesses across Norfolk taking part in the fundraising efforts.

At Potters the team wore purple, a raffle was held and there was a cake sale, including some delicious homemade purple cakes, which were enjoyed by all!

Sarah and Emily from Nelson’s Journey also stopped by to say hello and got to tell some of the team about the work the charity do and how £10 can fund a worry eater. Bereaved children can be particularly susceptible to anxiety around thoughts such as their remaining parent dying and they may not feel able to share these thoughts. Psychologists recommend worry eaters as a way to express these anxieties and to a child they act like a little waste bin for thoughts. The children can write or draw their anxieties and feed them into the zip mouth of the Worry Eater. Together with the child, Child Bereavement Support Workers open the worry eater’s mouth and talk rationally through each anxiety, with the aim of helping the child move forward positively. What an amazing idea that has helped so many youngsters.  

A special thank you to Alfie from groups for organising the event and for everyone who came in purple and baked and ate cake.

A wonderful £200 was raised from the day, with Potters Friends Foundation matching the amount, giving a grand total of £400.

To find out more about Nelson's Journey visit