“I worked at Potters in the early seventies and it was like a holiday” - Sue South shares her memories

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Sue South worked at Potters in the seventies as a waitress when she was 17 and had so much fun that she returned for three seasons. We caught up with Sue to find out about what it was like to work at Potters, how the guests served the team, saving earnings and playing tricks on guests…

What was the best thing about working at Potters?

I loved it and it was like a holiday working at Potters. It was a lot of fun and we each had three long tables to serve and look after, and we would all help each other out – the guests would help us too! That was when there was about 400 guests and we each had just over 30 to serve. I was from the East End and it was so special to come and work by the sea from April to September.

Can you share some of your memories of working at Potters?

A lady named Miss Black looked after us and ran the restaurant, and she called us her girls. She was lovely.

On the last night of the season the campers used to serve us and the last week was always the best week and we’d all play pranks on the entertainments team.

Every week we’d play netball with guests and the losers would get chucked in the pool!

I remember we would just laugh and joke with the guests, and we would tie the chair legs together with string and give them plastic cutlery as a joke. They took it all so well and loved us playing tricks on them.

Mr and Mrs Potter and Brian and Judy Potter and their children used to dine in the restaurant. Judy used to give us passes to go to her parents place at Seacroft and Vera used to work in the bar.

What did you wear for work?

I think we had a different colour uniform for the three seasons I was there! There was also fancy dress too, so one day we might be in Hawaiian outfits, as Indians another and as bunny girls at another time! It was all good fun and we were encouraged to interact with and have fun with the guests.

Did you get fed?

Yes, we lived on site and we ate what the guests ate, but before they had their food. There was always a soup course and lots of meat pies. We were treated so well and just had a smashing time. We were allowed to drink in the bar and we would get one day off a week, when we would go to the Broads and hire a boat.

Vera looked after us and encouraged us to save the money we earnt and she would then give it to us at the end of the season, so we had quite a bit of money to take home with us, rather than wasting it.

Have you been back since?

Yes, and it has changed beyond recognition. It was around five years ago that I came to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary with my kids, grandkids and sister. We did shooting, the Giant’s Swing, Rally Karts and much more. There’s so much to do at Potters. We had a great time and I’d love to come back again as Potters gave me so many happy memories.