Claire Randall talks daytime activities on #SummerofFun


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We caught up with our lovely daytime entertainments manager Claire ‘Bear’ Randall, who always has a smile on her face, to talk about some of the activities you can enjoy this summer.


Claire and the team make sure that there’s always lots of fun activities for guests and that activities are tailored for each break. Claire created the Kids’ Clubs, coming up with fun names like ‘Inbetweenies’ and ‘T-Club’, and is also a Zumba instructor and resident DJ. Find out what Claire reveals about #SummerofFun 2019…


How is everything going?

Really well thanks and we are busy planning for the summer. We have so much to entertain everyone and we can’t wait. Families can enjoy family-friendly burlesque dancing, cheerleading, party dancing and also morris dancing, complete with bells on ankles and hankie holding! Plus, Boo the panda is having a makeover for the summer!


What are some of the new activities that families can enjoy this summer?

We are still developing ideas, but we already have lots of things confirmed. Some of the new Kids’ Clubs activities that will be appearing on the programme are ‘Pirates’ for Bamboozles, where families can make a pirate hat, an eye patch and an egg treasure box and then go and find the gold coins to fill it. There will also be a princess themed activity where youngsters can do their best beast impression and make a rose. Plus glow jars are back, we’ll be doing basket weaving and lego is back as we were so impressed last year by some of the creations!


What are some of the most popular activities?

Little ones love clay play and the three in one sports and air hockey is popular with the older ones. Inbetweenies enjoy bracelets, key ring making and glow jars, but the best thing is that there is so much to do and most kids loving having a go at everything.


Can you tell us more about what the Kids’ Clubs are?

They run on pretty much every family break and are the perfect opportunity for children to make friends and try something new, with tailored age-appropriate activities. Bouncing Boos is for 0-2 year olds and there are sessions like sensory boos and building boos, as well as soft play and bubbles! It’s a really interactive club and a great way to inspire imagination.


Bamboozles is for 3-7 year olds with sessions such as treasure island, go potty, clay clan and puppet making.


Inbetweenies typically has activities like graffiti art, choker making and group football sessions, as well as making bracelets. Kids are really proud of what they make.


T-Club is for 12-15+ and teenagers can expect DJ skills, card tricks and lanyard making.


And what quizzes can we expect?

Family quizzes like Countdown revamped, showbiz story, about some of the big stars who have come to Potters over the years and what happened in 2018.


What do you love best about the summer at Potters?

I love the hustle and bustle of the Resort and the atmosphere. The kids love it and it is magical with them about, and just watching them enjoying themselves is wonderful. There is nowhere else like it and there is so much on offer for everyone and so many activities.

Claire is also a resident DJ

It’s all about creating wonderful memories for our guests and making sure they have the best time. I love seeing all the creative ideas the team has come to life.


Plus, the entertainment and activity programme for guests is just amazing as there is so much to do.


If you were a Potters Resort guest this summer, what activities would you do? 

I just love being outdoors on the family green and soaking up the atmosphere at the Potters Street Fayre and all the other fun activities around Resort. Plus I’d do some dancing!


What is your favourite ice cream?

I’m more of a cheesecake girl, but I do love a Magnum double caramel!