“Everything is under one roof and the best thing is that everyone is like a big family”: Guest Robert Eves talks Potters and summer breaks

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Rob Eves is a familiar face at Potters and has been to Potters over 50 times in 20 years. We caught up with him for a chat to find out what he loves about Potters and why he returns time and time again for a short break.


Who do you come to Potters with?

I first came as a baby in 1995 and my grandparents had been coming for years before that. I still come to Potters with my family or with friends on half term, family, weekend and drinks inclusive breaks. Drinks inclusive breaks are my favourite now as the atmosphere is brilliant and unlike anything else.


What do you love about Potters?

There is so much for all the family on a summer break, as my nan can be playing bingo, younger members of the family can be doing Kids’ Clubs, while me and my friends or parents are taking on the Potters team at Challenge Us events or playing Archery. We can all come together at meal times, at the Potters Street Fayre and in the evenings at the Potters Theatre Company shows.


It is just a big bubble and allows you to escape your everyday life for a few days. Everything is under one roof and the best thing is that everyone is like a big family, with the guests and team all having fun together and having lots of laughs along the way.


It is the friendliness of everyone with the team and guests all getting on and having a laugh. I love being outside in the summer and just soaking up the atmosphere. I still remember the Donkey Derby they used to do and there is always lots of new activities too.


What activities do you do?

Challenge us, swimming, the lunchtime special, archery, golf with Buz and 2019 will be the year I beat him for the first time! There is so much to do when you are here and there always seems to be something different to have a go at every time we visit. Our ritual before dinner is to go for a swim. Summer 2018 was the best break we have been on and Potters showed the world cup so it was just amazing.


You said you play pitch ‘n’ putt with Buz. Do you know the team well?

Well I remember Buz from when I was little and we would play football when I was a teenager and have become friends. Also Mark, Darren and Jonny too. The nicest thing is that they all remember you too and I think that friendliness and how they take the time to speak to and get to know you really makes Potters stand out.  


What do you think about the Potters Theatre Company shows?

Well I live in London so go to the West End a lot and compare the shows to them and they are of a comparable quality. The quality of the singers of Roxy and Aaron are just wonderful. I have also seen some of the star acts at Potters like Billy Ocean and Olly Murs. Potters and everything about it needs to be seen and experienced to be believed. One of the funniest things is when Buz messes up in the shows and one of the best ever moments at Potters was when he was fired out of a cannon!


How would you describe Potters?

Fun, comedy, quality and togetherness.


Thanks Rob and see you soon.