What are the comedy team up to this summer?


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Our iconic and infamous comedy team will be providing the laughs this summer and there’s always something for everyone whether it’s during our evening entertainment or throughout the day.


We caught up with Chris Dormer, the comedy team manager, to find out more about what they have in store this summer…


Chris, what have you got planned for this year’s #SummerOfFun?

Well the comedy team is now made up of Mark, Buz, Jonny Mac, Darren, Jake, Jack and myself when needed, and we have lots planned. Claire looks after the team in the day and I manage them in the evening, so there will be plenty of opportunities for some laughs. We are rehearsing some new things as we speak!


Can you tell us about any of the new things?

We will be appearing in the new Potters Theatre Company show, Broadway & Beyond, but my lips are sealed on what we will be doing as we want the audience to be surprised. However, what I can say is that we are busy learning some ‘speciality’ acts having challenged the team to learn something new for our guests.


Mark is learning mind reading and some card tricks, Jonny Mac is doing UV puppetry, which I am teaching him, and Jack is having a go at sign language and hypnotism. Darren is having a go at ventriloquism, but it may be hard as he talks so much, and also magic. Jake is doing juggling and a unicycle, although it requires a lot of work so the stabilisers may have to come out but we are hopeful he will pick it up in time.


Buz is having a go at balloon modelling and we have challenged him to make 100 balloon animals. At the moment most of them look like a dog but he still has time! Also Buz will be doing something very special – if he manages to pull it off!


The hardest thing is just finding time to rehearse with them as they are busy in the day with all the activities we offer, so we try and fit in as much time for comedy rehearsals as we can. Guests wouldn’t believe the amount of rehearsal time that goes into putting on something new!


What’s great is having the experience of people like Mark, who knows the Resort inside out and can advise on what makes our guests smile.

Chris Dormer looks after the comedy team
Chris Dormer 

Are you bringing back any comedy characters?

Yes, we are planning on having some walkabout characters in the day like Dodgy Del selling some very pricey chains and watches! Plus many others; we love the interaction with guests and just want to have some fun!


Apart from on stage in the evening, where else can guests see the comedy team this summer?

Guests will never be too far from the team in the day with lots going on such as quizzes, games, competitions, our lunchtime specials and of course at the Potters Street Fayre and more. There will be lots of opportunities for guests to interact with them.


What are you most looking forward to about the summer?

I started the role in 2017 and Potters is just a great place to be at any time of the year and we have so much fun over the summer. Personally I can’t wait to be part of the new summer Potters Theatre Company show and see the reaction it gets from guests when it goes live.


Potters has got such a good reputation that agents are sending singers and dancers here because they know that they can learn so much before they go on to the West End and we do attract the best talent. Nicky and Nigel are incredible and put on the best shows which just seem to get better and better every time.


I really do have one of the best jobs and we all get on so well as a team. We can’t wait to see all of our guests this summer and entertain you all.