Snap happy: How to capture the perfect family photo

Snap happy: How to capture the perfect family photo


With celebrities flooding Instragram every day with picture perfect photos of their children and families, you would think taking a photo is easy, but often a photo that looks effortless has had lots of takes and even been retouched.

As we all know, capturing photos of all the family and youngsters can be challenging as children don’t want to stand still. So until Instagram comes up with a filter that unblurs kids when they constantly move, here are some tips for capturing precious family moments with Instagrammable images that you’ll want to share.

Did you know? In the Summer we take an average 1,000 photos of our kids!

  • Be ready – with little ones you need to work quickly and be prepared to get that photo at any moment as children get bored and distracted quickly. Keep pressing the button and snap away. You can review and delete duds later
  • Avoid direct sunlight – bright sun ruins photos so don’t ask people to look into the sun when taking a photo. Choose open shade under a tree and stand with the sun behind you. Photos are also better in morning, in late afternoon or at dusk as the light is lower. Our tip is to embrace grey weather and cloudy days
  • If you are inside don’t stand directly under the light
  • Be natural – rather than a forced photo, shots of them doing an activity, throwing a ball or simply picking a daisy is better and means that they will forget the camera is there. It will also capture genuine emotion and be a more relaxed and fun photo, so look out for those candid opportunities which bring to life your family’s personality. Also try and shoot at eye level wherever you can
  • Be comfortable – don’t force children to wear their best going out dress or tie, a photo of them smiling in their jeans is much better than them looking grumpy in a posh outfit
  • Stop seeking perfection - Don’t worry if your kids are playing up or are pulling faces, or if you aren’t happy with the way you look as you are creating memories and they may end up being some of your favourite photos in years to come. Don’t put pressure on you or the family

Think about the background of your photo

  • Backgrounds – look for a background that suits your style but doesn’t distract from the main purpose of your photo – you! Ideas for locations are local parks, the beach, woods, in a field or in front of a barn
  • Phone cameras tend to be just as good as traditional cameras now and come with the added benefit that you can add filters on various apps and upload them to social media straight away. If you want a shot of all the family then you will likely need a tripod and timer, and preferably the ability to take a few photos in a row! Or enlist the help of a friend or a professional photographer.Tip-top tip - If you’re an iPhone user, try playing with the ‘Portrait’ setting from time to time, rather than the ‘Photo’ setting
  • For the perfect Instagram photo think about composition; directing your viewers to the subject of the photo and the arrangements. You can turn on gridlines for your phone camera in settings and use them to align your photos

Whatever you choose to take the photos on just don’t forget the charger and have fun!

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